The Spelling Society’s Guide To Better Spelling

A Final Word

If you have got to this stage, you will realise just how irregular English spelling is and how (despite all the rules and tips we have included in this booklet) your child has a major task of memorisation. As we have said, the English speaking child takes up to three years longer to learn to read and write proficiently compared with those whose maternal tongue is another language. And adult illiteracy is stubbornly high in the English Speaking World; it is not simply a characteristic of the British education system.  While we do not advocate any particular alternative spelling system at the moment, the Society is trying to making people aware of the economic and social costs of traditional English spelling in the hope when people fully realise the extent of these costs, they will be more open to the desirability of change to something less irregular and more predictable, so that English speakers may enjoy the benefits of those languages which have developed less eccentrically.  Perhaps having read this booklet, you too may be more open to change!

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