The Spelling Society’s Guide To Better Spelling

How far has your child got?

First steps first. Where are you now? Breaking it down into important milestones,

  1. Has your child learnt to say or sing the alphabet? YES/NO
  2. Does your child recognise the letters of the alphabet? YES/NO
  3. Can your child put the random letters of the alphabet into order, A to Z? YES/NO
  4. Does your child know what basic sounds are represented by the letters? YES/NO

If you can answer YES to all these questions, then that’s good progress. But to master spelling the English speaking child has many more lessons to learn. It will help you and your child to accept that a – z have to be learnt, come what may: a) singing the alphabet in groups of three is very effective; b) Games of snap are helpful for visual recognition; c) Getting most letters in the right order helps, as any misplaced letters can be looked at as the ‘problem areas;’ d) Your child helping another child, helps your child.

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