[Spelling Reform: Anthology edited by Newell W. Tune. pp296-298. See Table of Contents.]

SPELLING REFORM, Index by authors.

[Reference = Spelling Progress Bulletin: Sp=Spring, S=Summer, F=Fall, W=Winter, or M=March, J=June, O=Oct, D=December; and the year, between 1961 and 1983, e.g. (S 80)= Summer 1980.] php links go to the web page of that article. pdf links go to the whole bulletin issue. In each pdf file, click on Bookmarks to see the contents list with links.]

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Turner, Geo. Some Technical & Social Problems of Spelling Reform. (S 76 pdf) p36.

Tune, Newell. Comments & Rebuttal of Previous Arguments. p34.

- Criteria for Selecting a System of Reformed Spelling. (S 77 pdf) p172

- The Deceitful Words of English. p238.

- G.B. Shaw on Spelling Reform. (Sp 79 pdf) p139.

- A Gradual Means of Making a Minimal Change in our Sp. (Sp 70 pdf) p126.

- A Guide for Spelling Reformers. (Sp 71 pdf) p174.

- Gullible's Adventures in Crazyland. (Humor) (S 65 pdf) p254.

- How Nearly Phonetic is English Spelling? (Sp 69 pdf) p142.

- How to Teach Spelling. (W 76 pdf) p152.

- Introspection or Retrospection? (Sp 71 pdf) p108.

- Logic and Good Judgement Needed in Selecting Symbols. (S 77 pdf) p172

- A Minimal Change System of Spelling Reform. (M 64 pdf) p129.

- Nonsense Prose as a Test for Efficiency of a fonetic Alfabet. (Sp 70 pdf) p176.

- Obsolete Words: Do They Indicate a Trend? (Sp 71 pdf) p225.

- Our Readers Write Us: Planning a New Fonetic Alfabet. (W 74 pdf) p175.

- Our Readers Write Us: Quo Vadis Corrector? (Sp 78 pdf) p177.

- Readability, an Analysis of What it is. (S 70 pdf) p241.

- Reading Failures, Dropouts, Delinquency and Crime. (F 73 pdf) p283.

- The Real Problem in Reforming our Spelling. (S 70 pdf) p92. repeated p265.

- To all spelling reformers: Regimen Essentiale. (W 71 pdf) p173.

- Results of the Questionnaire on Spelling Reform. (D 61 pdf) p55.

- Spelling Reform, Not only Why, but Which, When, How. (F 78 pdf) p265.

- Viewpoints V on Spelling Reform. (W 76 pdf) p48.

- Th' Watermelon Hound. (Humor) (F 76 pdf) p59.

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