[Spelling Progress Bulletin, Fall 1980, pp2,3]

SSS Conference 2: Fotos by Vic Paulsen.

1. Margaret Reed
2. (l. to r.) Pia Wijk, John Downing.
3. Katherine Betts.
4. (l. to r.) D. G Scragg, Alun Bye.
5. Emmett Betts.
6. Robert Baker.
7. (l. to r.) John Beech, Philip Smith.

fotos 1

8. (facing camera, l. to r.) Fergus McBride, Helen Bisgard, Sydney Rosenberg.
9. Mona Cross.
10. (l. to r.) George O'Halloran, Will Reed.
11. (l. to r.) Derek Thackray, Fergus McBride.
12. (l. to r.) Christine Lord, Elsie Oakensen.
13. Abe Citron.
14. Valerie Yule.
15. (l. to r. facing camera) Alun Bye, Mrs. Sydney Rosenberg, Elsie Oakensen, Mona Cross, Walter Gassner, Mrs Gassner.

fotos 2

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