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Comparison of selected alphabets.

Comparison of selected alfabets. Comparison part 2. Comparison part 3.


French was excluded owing to its special pronunciation rules and the diacritical marks that would apply.

This is only a preliminary comparison and far from the comprehensive treatment that the subject warrante - particularly in regard to vowels. No diacritical marks have been proposed at this stage. Vowels are indicated thus '+'.

Diphthongs also have not been considered in this analysis, for obvious resons (this complicated problem requires considerable thought, but some simplifications are possible because most can be broken down to identifiable elements - either two basic vowels, one vowel and a 'closure' such as "y," or a vowel with a guttural such as "ch," etc.

Reference to internationally adopted diacritical marks to distinguish'long' and 'short' articulations of vowels, the influence of preceding or following letters or diphthongs on their pronunciation, etc. has been made but no recommendation suggested at this stage.

The results of this preliminary study have been used to develop the tentative universal alphabet in Table III.

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On other pages: Article, Table I, Table III.