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SPB was edited and published by Newell W Tune in California, 1961-1983. See Bulletin Riters and Bulletin Topics. He issued an Anthology of SPB articles in Spelling Reform: A Comprehensive Survey.
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1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972,
1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983.

March 1961. Volume I, No. 1. pdf file 184kb
1. A Statement of Policy.
2. An Analysis of Spelling Errors, a new Slant, by Newell W. Tune.
6. Two Teaching Experiments, by Newell W. Tune.
9. Writing by Sound, a New Method of Teaching Reading, by Dr. Helen Bonnema.
11. A Review of Articles on the Quality of Reading in our Schools, by Newell W. Tune.
14. Spelling Achievement of Above Average Pupils, by Sister Josephina, CSJ.
17. A Free Offer, by Mrs. Edward Blaine.
17. Brush Up On Your English, by T. S.W.
18. The Worm at the Root, by Helen Bowyer.
19. The Parable of the Flies, by Ralph Dornfeld Owen.
20. English Rime Words, by Helen Bowyer.

June 1961.Volume I, No. 2. pdf file 211kb
1. Late News, a Motion Picture Review, Coming Attractions.
2. What About the Schwa? by Faith Merriman Daltry.
4. How You Say It? Por Favor? by Helen Bowyer.
5. Some Thoughts on the Best Method of Teaching Reading, by Newell W. Tune.
6. The Best Method of Teaching Reading, by Ralph D. Owen, Ph.D.
7. Letter from the Rotary Club of Australia.
8. A Foreigner Looks at English Spelling, by Lewis H. Boyle.
9. These English Words of Ours, by Helen Bowyer.
10. Surveys of Teacher Opinion, by Mrs. Mary Johnson.
13. This Pore Ol' Mixed-up Alphabet, by Jerrilyn Black & Ellen C. Henderson.
15. An Interesting Letter, by Leo G. Davis.

October 1961. Volume I, No. 3. pdf file 180kb incomplete.
1. Editorial, Coming Attractions.
2. Report on the Kindergarten Pre-Reading Instruction Experiment, by Dr. Helen Bonnema.
4. Some Gems of Wisdom, from the "Let's Have Better Mottos Assoc."
5. The Augmented Roman Alphabet Reading Research Project, London Univ. Institute of Education.
10. How Our Spelling Damages The Mind, by Frederik A. Fernald, Ph.D.
12. Phonetics and Spelling, by Ernest Horn, Ph.D.
14. From The Caribbean, by Helen Bowyer.
17. Not So, Mr. Superintendent, by E. E. Arctier.
18. A Review of New Books, by the Editor.
20. An Important Letter from Miss S. G. Stewart.
21. A Word Or Twain To Dr. P. Dantick, by Helen Bowyer.

December 1961. Volume I, No. 4. pdf file 267kb
1. Two most interesting books.
2. The Disintegration of Our Schools, by Watson Washburn.
4. What's the Matter with Our Schools -- an editorial.
5. Adventures with the Turkish Alfabe, by Gertrude Hildreth.
6. A Preface to the Augmented Roman Alphabet.
7. The Augmented Roman Alphabet Experiment in Systematized Spelling, by John Downing.
9. How Phonetic is Our Spelling? by Newell W. Tune.
11. Measurement of the Phoneticness of our Spelling, by S. S. Eustace.
14. The Phoneticness of the Russian Alphabet, by Victor Crassnoff.
15. Werse Verse, by Bennett Cerf.
16. The Best Means of Representing the "TH" Sounds, by Newell W. Tune.
16. The Seven Deadly Sins of Spelling Reformers, by Newell W. Tune.
17. all -- or nothing -- for johnny, by samuel c. seegay.
19. A Report on the Amidon School. by Helen Bowyer.
22. The Problem of Reforming our Spelling, by Newell W. Tune.
23. Results of the Questionnaire on Spelling Reform, by Chairman of the Research Committee on Spelling Reform
24. The Outcry of Professor Ann T. Quarian, by Helen Bowyer.

March 1962. Volume II, No. 1. pdf file 306kb
2. On Stress Location in the World's Chief Languages, by Dr. Walter Gassner.
8. Education in Red China, by William Benton.
11. Some Thoughts on the Use of the A. R. Alphabet, by Sir James Pitman.
17. Tomorrow's Illiterates, a review, by Helen Bowyer.
22. From "Out on a Limerick", by Bennet Cerf.
23. Thoze Spelling Deemuns, by Ralph D. Owen.
25. "Rational Spelling", a review.
26. The Corpse in the Ivy Towers, by Victor N. Crasnoff.
28. An editorial on Self-Education.
30. The Worm at the Root, by Helen Bowyer.
31. Some Additions to the 7 Deadly Sins of Spelling Reformers, by Davis, Wingfield and Co.
31. Some Objections to the Philosophy of a "hungry reader".
33. Laf Lienz, from here and there.
34. An Appologetic Parody, a poem by Evelyn F. Boehm.

June 1962. Volume II, No. 2. pdf file 355kb
2. Experimental Investigation of Use of a Phonemic Notation for the First Teaching, by Godfrey Dewey, Ed.D.
4. Illiteracy, Its Cause and Cure, by Reginald Deans.
6. But there is No Peace ... Council for Basic Education Bulletin.
6. Relics, by Rev. Rolf L. Yeenstra.
7. Augmented Roman News. by S. S. Eustace.
9. Learning to Read, by Beatrice Tudor-Hart.
10. Primary Reading Program, Washington School District, Phoenix, Ariz.
12. What Ivan Knows That Doesn't, reviewed by Helen Bowyer.
16. An Analysis of the A. R. Project, by Leo Davis.
16. A Dedicated Spelling Reformer's Answer to Pitman's Augmented Roman Alphabet, by Sam Seegay.
19. Comments on the A. R. Alphabet by Ellen Henderson.
20. Our Mentor, Homer W. Wood, by Frank W. Epperson.
21. Some Thoughts on Spelling Reform, by Albert Eagle.
21. Observations by E. E. Arctier.
22. Lament of Professor P. Dantick, by Helen Bowyer.

October 1962. Volume II, No. 3. pdf file 362kb
1. An announcement of policy.
2. Augmented Roman News, edited by S. S. Eustace.
5. Spelling Skill as a By-product of Instruction in Reading, by Roy P. Doyle, Ed. D.
7. Spelling, Reading and Delinquency, by Jacob Chwast, Ph.D.
9. How to do it, by Dr. Robert West.
10. An Experiment in Education with the Laubach Literacy Course of Study on Films, by Dana W. Allen.
20. Who Will Volunteer?, by Helen Bowyer.
21. A review of "tw bee or not to be", by Helen Bowyer.
23. Over There, by E.E.Arctier.
24. Overcoming the Difficulties of the Printed Word, by Sir Cyril Burt, F.B.A.
25. A Letter to President Kennedy from Upton Sinclair.
26. If You Have Tears -- reported by Samuel C. Seegay.
26. Pitman and Downing Tour America.
27. On English Pronunciation, Say Now Shibboleth, by Clarence Hotson, Ph.D.
28. And now Professor O. Howe Erudight, by Helen Bowyer.
28. Granmaa'z Praer, by Lillian Winters.

December 1962. Volume II, No. 4. pdf file 266kb
1. Sir James Pitman and John Downing tour America.
2. Mary Johnson's One Woman War, by Stephen Franklin.
4. Wy Jonnie Cant Spel, by Francis W. Davids.
5. An English Language School in the U.S.S.R., by Nikolai Anastasiev.
6. The G. B. Shaw Contest Alphabet, by Dr. Peter MacCarthy.
7. A Univ. of London Report, by John Downing, on Headteachers' Opinions on the First Year of the A. R. Project.
13. Africa Needs Phonemic English, by Helen Bowyer.
14. English as the Lingua Franca of Africa, by Cecil R. Moore.
17. Some Thoughts on How to Proceed in Overcoming the Present Resistances to a New Phonetic Alphabet, by George J. Hecht, Publisher, Parents Mag.
18. English as a World Language, by Sir David Eccles, former Minister of Educ.
19. Potential Advantages and Logical Procedures in Spelling Reform, Leo Davis.
20. Progress during 1962.
21. I Wish I knew the Rule, by John P. Shepard, Ph.D.

March 1963. Volume III, No. 1. pdf file 286kb
1. Editorial. Grant goes begging.
2. A Test of Adequacy, by Mary Johnson.
7. Our Ten Million Obsolescent Men, by David H. Russell, Ph.D.
10. An English Language School in the U. S. S. R., comments by E. E. Arctier.
12. President Kennedy's Answer to Upton Sinclair.
13. Writing English Around the World, by Helen Bonnema, Ed.D.
16. The Best Means of Representing the "th-sounds", by Godfrey Dewey, Ed.D.
18. The Best Means of Representing the "oo-sounds", by Newell W. Tune.
20. Selecting Alphabet Symbols for English Speech Sounds, by Sam Seegay and Newell W. Tune.
23. Skeemz ov Speling Reform, by E. Jones.

June 1963. Volume III, No. 2. pdf file 426kb
1. Coming attractions. Summer Session.
2. How Accurate are School Testing Programs, by William D. Daughtery, M.S.
4. What a Nine-year-old Russian Knows About his Language, by Victor N. Crassnoff.
5. An Interesting letter from Homer W. Wood.
6. Can We Catch up with Russian Education?, by Clarence Hotson, Ph.D.
8. English is More Than Just English, by Eleonore Boer.
9. But English is English First of All, by E. E. Arctier.
11. A Lesson in Beginning Reading, by Horace Mann.
13. A Report from the Oldham Education Committee, by Maurice Harrison, Director of Education.
14. Watch Out for China, by Helen Bowyer.
17. Review of New Books, by the editors.
19. Under the SPELL of English, by Arthur Bennett.
19. This Side of the Sun, by R. F. Phat Greattinger.
20. Pitman Explains, by Sir James Pitman.

October 1963. Volume III, No. 3. pdf file 673kb
1. Late News. I.T.A. news.
2. Teaching English to Cantonese in Hong Kong, by Claude M. Wise, Ph.D.
5. The Curious Child Needs Creativity Challenge, by Walter C. Alvarez, M.D.
6. How Ivan Spells Johnny's English, by Gertrude Hildreth, Ph.D.
9. Phonemic Spelling, a Linguistic Dilema, by George W. Stevenson.
10. The Teaching of English in Africa, by Helen Bowyer.
16. Fanagalo (Kitchen Kafir), the Lingua Franca of Southern Africa, by J. D. Bold.
19. Personal Experiences in Teaching with the Pitman I.T.A., by Valerie I. Kemp.
Review of Educational Books:
   21. Diagnostic Reading Scales, by George D. Spache, Ph.D.
   22. Psychology in Teaching Reading, by Henry P. Smith, Ph.D. and Emerald V, Dechant, Ph.D.
   23. Adolescent Attitudes Towards Academic Brillance, by Dr. Abraham J. Tannenbaum.
   24. A Scheme for Making the English Language the International Language for the World, by James Bradshaw.
26. Abstract of a Research Project in Phoneme-Grapheme Relationship, by Paul R. Hanna, Ph.D.

December 1963. Volume III, No. 4. pdf file 386kb
1. Late News. i/t/a being used in schools.
2. The Reading Problem and the National Interest, by Arther S. Trace, Jr.
6. Why Johnny Could Read, by G. W. Stevenson.
7. Language Engineering, What it could do for Us, by Ivor Darreg.
12. The Stupidity Problem, by Helen Bowyer.
14. On Czechoslovak Learning, by Martin Vikla.
15. Two Years of the i/t/a in England, by Sir James Pitman.
21. Chinese Language Reform, by Ralph Nader.
Review of New Books, by the editors:
   22. The Open Court Readers, by Priscilla L. Mc Queen and Arther S. Trace, Jr.
   23. Torskript, by Victor P. Paulsen.
   24. k-a-t spelz cat, by leo g. davis.
24. Now We Know!, from the Rocky Mountain Cyclone.

SPB Contents list.
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