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SPB was edited and published by Newell W Tune in California, 1961-1983. See Bulletin Riters and Bulletin Topics. He issued an Anthology of SPB articles in Spelling Reform: A Comprehensive Survey.
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March 1964. Volume IV, No. 1. pdf file 405kb
1. Announcements and Late News.
2. Learning to Read in the Silent World, an editorial.
3. Teaching the Deaf, by Sir James Pitman.
6. The Babes of '64, by Helen Bowyer.
8. How Does One Learn to Read?, by Newell W. Tune.
11. Suggested Criteria for an Initial Teaching Medium for English by Godfrey Dewey, Ed.D.
13. The best assignment of oo and uu in a reform of spelling, by Godfrey Dewey.
15. What Kind of a Spelling Reform Should we Strive to Obtain, according to Axel Wijk, Ph.D.
Review of New Books:
   16. The Early-to-Read i/t/a Program, by Helen Bowyer.
   17. G. B. Shaw on Language, edited by Abraham Tauber, Ph.D.
18. A Minimal Change System of Spelling Reform, by Newell W. Tune.
24. i/t/a reading classes visited.

Summer 1964. Volume IV, No. 2. pdf file 319kb
1. Late News. i/t/a Teacher-Training Workshops.
2. Maximizing Simplicity and Similarity with General Suitability of Standard Print Forms, by Sir James Pitman.
7. Reading Measurement: American and British Style, by William R. Powell.
10. Its Russia Who Heeds our G.B.S., by E. E. Arctier.
11. The Lehigh-Bethlehem i/t/a Study Interim Report Four, by Albert J. Mazurkiewicz.
13. A Lot of Thunder vs. a Little Sound, by Frank Dorr.
17. A Phonemic Notation as an Initial Teaching Medium, by Godfrey Dewey.
18. The Triple Revolution, by Helen Bowyer.
Review of New Books:
   21. The i.t.a. Reading Experiment, by John A. Downing.
   22. Communist Education, edited by Edmund J. King.
   22. Spell it Right, by Harry Shaw.

Fall 1964. Volume IV, No. 3. pdf file 256kb
1. Editorial. Review of the year.
2. End of First Year Results, Lehigh University-Bethlehem Pub. Schools i/t/a Study, by Albert J. Mazurkiewicz.
5. Numeric Reform in Nescioubia, by Charles H. Grandgent, Ph.D.
7. The Process of Learning to Read, by Beatrix Tudor-Hart.
8. Teaching Spelling, by Leslie De Mar.
9. The Third R in the Age of the Computers, by Ivor Darreg.
10. We are Asking For It, by Denham Court.
12. The Dime that Brought Two Million Dollar Smiles, by S. C. Seegay.
14. The United Nations International School Introduces the Initial Teaching Alphabet, by Valerie I. Kemp.
15. Teaching Reading, an Indefinitely Renewable Problem, by Caleb Gattegno, Ph.D.
Book Reviews:
   17. Teacher and Technology, New Designs for Learning, by Wm. Clark Trow.
   18. i/t/a Books Six and Seven, by Tanyzer and Mazurkiewicz.
   19. Phonics in Proper Perspective, by Arthur W. Heilman.
20. The Parrot, by Frank Du Feu, M.A.

Winter 1964. Volume IV, No. 4. pdf file 265kb
1. Late News and Announcements. i/t/a workshops.
2. British and American Spelling, by Newell W. Tune.
3. The Role of C in a Minimal Change System of Spelling Reform, by Frank du Feu.
4. Where is our Business Sense, our Knowhow?, by Helen Bowyer.
6. Relativity and Spelling - Two Departures from Logic, by John E. Chappell.
11. Teaching reading with "Words in Colour", by Joan Dean.
15. Prof. P. Dantick's Dictum on Spelling, by Helen Bowyer.
Book Reviews:
   16. Anguish Languish, by Howard Chace.
   17. Sprechen und Spuren, by Dr. Gottfried Rahn.
   18. The Developmental Reading Series, edited by Guy L. Bond.
   19. i/t/a books # la and 1b, Dinosaur Ben, Houses.
   20. Webster's Home University Dictionary, ed. by Teal, Adams & Taylor.
   20 My Book House, edited by Olive Beaupré Miller.

Spring 1965. Volume V, No. 1. pdf file 298kb
1. Late News. Letter from Africa. i/t/a. workshops.
2. The Two Englishes, by William Barklay, M.A.
11. The Role of Superflous letters in Limited Spelling Reform Systems, by John E. Chappell.
12. The kan oepener, by Frank Du Feu, M.A.
13. How to/Should you - Teach your Baby to Read, by Glenn Doman.
16. Some Aspects of Teaching Children, by Beatrix Tudor-Hart.
16. Verbs, by one perturbed.
17. Some Experiences with "Words in Colour", by E. R. Kidd.
Book Reviews:
   20. i.t.a. in Oldham, by Helen Bowyer.
   23. How to Teach Your Baby to Read, by Glenn Doman.
24. Our Wealth of English Homonyms, by Helen Bowyer.
24. The kaf path, by Sam Walter Foss.

Summer 1965. Volume V, No. 2. pdf file 296kb
1. Late News and Announcements.
2. A Teacher's Guide to Using "Words in Color", by Caleb Gattegno, Ph.D.
9. i.t.a. in Adult Remedial Education, by Maj. John N. Duxbury, MC, T.D.
10. Special Report on Methods used on Retarded Educables, compiled by Margaret Bushnell.
14. Gullible's Adventures in Crazyland, by Howie Gona Soundit.
16. Teaching English Speech with PRAC in the Philippines, by Faith M. Daltry.
17. The i/t/a and PRAC Compared, by Faith M. Daltry.
Book reviews:
   18. the douning reeding sceem, bie jon douning, reviewed by Helen Bowyer.
   19. Reading Without Dick and Jane, by Arther S. Trace, Jr., reviewed by Helen Bowyer.
   20. Deutsche Stenotachygrafenzeitung for January-April, 1965, reviewed by Ivor Darreg.

Fall 1965. Volume V, No. 3. pdf file 276kb
1. An Editorial.
2. Phonetic and Structural Generalizations in Teaching Spelling, by William Kottmeyer, Ph.D.
12. Oral Reading Survey in New York City, by Mary Johnson.
14. Phonetic Approach or Conventional Method - Which is more Effective? by Ann Hughes.
15. The Chaos Language, by T.S.W.
15. Cedric and Celia, by Theodore B. Dolmach.
Book Reviews:
   16. The OpenCourt Basic Readers, by Arther S. Trace, Jr.
   17. Comments on Dr Trace's Readers, by Bradley Hall.
   19. Developing Reading Efficiency, by Lyle L. Miller, Ph.D.
   19. Reform of the Chinese Written Language, by Chou En-lai et al.
   21. Notes and Quotes from: Reform of the Chinese Written Language.
22. Advertisement: Davis-McGuffey scheme.

Winter 1965. Volume V, No. 4. pdf file 433kb
2. The History of First Grade Reading in the Public Schools of St. Louis, Mo. by Elizabeth A. Bueker.
13. i/t/a and the Second Grade Curriculum, by Rebecca Stewart.
14. New Light on Beginning Reading, by Gertrude Hildreth, Ph.D.
16. Intelligent Orthography?, by Rev. Rolf L. Veenstra.
16. Progress, by Leslie De Mar.
17. The Language Curtain, by Victor N. Crassnoff.
Book Reviews:
   19. Read, Dick, Read, by Donald Barr.
   20. Phonics for the Reading Teacher, by Anna D. Cordts, Ph.D., reviewed by Newell W. Tune.
   22. Let's Read Series for Beginners, by Clarence L. Barnhart, reviewed by Helen Bowyer.
24. Advertisement: Carlton Press, Inc. Davis-McGuffey scheme.

Spring 1966. Volume VI, No. 1. pdf file 767kb
1. Announcements. Students in 42 States are Studying i.t.a.
2. Its Time For a Change, by Mary Johnson.
5. Let's Face the Future Now, by Helen Bowyer.
6. Phoney phonetics, by Vivian Buchan.
7. Phonetic Spelling According to the Russians, G.B.S. and Spelling Reformers, by Abraham Tauber, Ph.D.
8. Simplicity of Orthography Makes for Beauty of Speech and Ease of Writing, by George Rowell.
9 My Daughter's Being Educated, by Parke Cummings.
10. Let's Have Effective Phonics, by Mildred Vandenburgh, M.S.
12. i.t.a. and the Remedial Child, by Raymond E. Laurita.
13. One Teacher's Experience with an Initial Teaching Alphabet in First Grade, by Betty Allen Iles, M.A.
16. Criteria for Designing a Phonetic Alphabet, by Newell W. Tune.
Book Reviews:
   18. Writing Systems, by Gerd Fraenkel, Ph.D.
   18. The Davis Speller, by Leo G. Davis.
19. The American Fonetik Alfabet with changes proposed by Newell W. Tune.
20. An English Teaching Alphabet, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
21. Blue Print for Progress, by Leslie De Mar.
23. A Minimal Change System of Spelling Reform, by Frank T. Du Feu, M.A.
23. The Picture, by Frank T. Du Feu.
24. Advertisement: Carlton Press, Inc. Davis-McGuffey scheme.

Summer 1966. Volume VI, No. 2. pdf file 279kb
1. Young Prince Tackles 44-character Alphabet, and Late News.
2. Basic Sight Vocabulary - a Help or a Hinderance?, by Raymond E. Laurita.
4. Random Thoughts on Language Simplification, by Charles K. H. Chen.
5. Operation New Start, by Margaret Bushnell and Patricia Prior.
6. It Doesn't Look Right, by Louis Foley.
9. Steps Toward a New English Alphabet, by Gertrude Hildreth, Ph.D.
10. Braud Inglish Spelling, by 'Chychse T. Psikhss'.
11. Devising the Shaw-Script, by Kingsley Read.
11. Must Shorthand Die Out? by Ewald Lotzing
11. Then ... Why?, by Helen Bowyer.
12. The Urgency of Spelling Reform, by Clarence Hotson, Ph.D.
14. Microminiaturization is a Word to Ponder, by Helen Bowyer.
16. Parlez Vous Franglais? by Herbert R. Lottman
20. Teaching English to African Natives, by L. W. Lantham, Ph.D.

Fall 1966. Volume VI, No. 3. pdf file 330kb
1. i/t/a/ in the School year 1965.
2. A critical Examination of the Psychology of the Whole Word Technique, by Raymond E. Laurita.
6. It should Look Right, by John E. Chappell.
7. Oh! (P)shaw, by Godfrey Dewey, Ed.D.
8. Culturally Disadvantaged Children's Difficulties in Learning to Read Using T.O. and i/t/a, by Mrs. Doreen M. Lewis, B.A.
13. An Introduction to the Pronunciation of the English Language, by Axel Wijk, Docent.
20. Research in Reading, by Leo G. Davis.
Book Reviews:
   19. Rules of Pronunciation for the English Language, by Axel Wijk.
   21. Reviews, by Helen Bowyer.
   23. Can and May in Present-day English, by Yvan Lebrun, Ph.D.
24. Final Newsletter by i/t/a Studies Center, Lehigh Univ.

Winter 1966. Volume VI, No. 4. pdf file 394kb
1. Book Review: Which Witch?, by Julian Franklyn.
2. Reading New Words - a Test of Phonic Substitution, by Helen W. Henrikson, Ph.D. and Dorothy Geiger, B.A.
6. Will the Real Dr. Johnson Please Stand Up?, by John E. Chappell.
8. English as a World Language, by Harold Cox.
9. The Witch Hunt, by Yvan Lebrun, Ph.D.
9. Odz In Enz, by Patricia Gilson Green.
10. Teaching Spelling in South Africa, by B. C. D. Willamse.
11. An Experimental Use of Pitman's 'World i.t.a.' in the Teaching of English, by Prof. J. O. O. Abiri.
14. The Advantages of an International Language, by Prof. R. E. Zachrisson.
23. Rules for Spelling in Anglic.
Book Reviews:
   20. The Wealth of i.t.a. Reading Teaching Material, by Helen Bowyer.
   24. The Davis-McGuffey Fonetik First Reader, by Denham Court.

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