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SPB was edited and published by Newell W Tune in California, 1961-1983. See Bulletin Riters and Bulletin Topics. He issued an Anthology of SPB articles in Spelling Reform: A Comprehensive Survey.
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Spring 1973. Volume XIII, No. 1. pdf file 533kb
1. I.R.A. 18th Annual Convention program.
2. Your child can't read: How can you help? Better Homes & Gardens.
4. A Tragic Tale, by David Donaldson.
5. Causes for the common mistakes in English, by K. Pushpanadham.
6. The Summer Reading Course, by G. S. Mudambadithaya.
6. Electronic Mail Begins (news).
7. Shall we teach skills to embrace rather than attack words?, by Helen Bonnema and Arnold Burron.
10. What Reading is Primary in Secondary Schools? a round table discussion by Frances Roome, Eileen Allen, James Roome, Helen Bonnema.
12. Reading: Interpreting Graphic Signals, by Emmett A. Betts.
13. The Early to Read - i.t.a. program: Effects and Aftermath, by Albert J. Mazurkiewicz a six year longitudinal study.
Book Reviews, by Newell W. Tune:
   15. Comparative Reading, by John Downing, Cross-National Studies of Behavior and Processes in Reading and Writing.
   15. Evidence Submitted to the Bullock Committee of Inquiry into Reading and the use of English, by Douglas A. Pidgeon.
Our Readers Write Us:
   16. Problems in reforming our spelling, by Barnett Russell, M.D.
   16. Venezky's research in symbol-sound correspondence, by O. K. Kyöstiö.
   16. Public lethargy and lack of publicity, by Arnold Rupert.
   17. Basic Problems in Education, by Harvie Barnard.
18. Phonemic Spelling Council announcement.
19. Advertisement: RIT, a new Logical Spelling System for our Kids.

Summer 1973. Volume XIII, No. 2. pdf file 334kb
1. An Example of a Letter to Send to your Congressman.
2. Dr. Critchley on Dyslexia, by Ivor F. Stowe & Dr. Douglas Everingham.
3. Obscure Events in History: Anecdotes from Harry Veenstra's Autobiography.
6. Musings of a Malcontented Maverick, by Henry D. Fiske.
9. Webster-Dewey Dynamic Dictionary (Proposed), by Henry D. Fiske.
10. Who's Leading Who, or the Saga of the Goter and the Goatee, by Harvie Barnard.
11. Written Finnish and its Development, by O. K. Kyöstiö.
14. Two Dreams, by Harry Lindgren.
15. Research on Orthographies: Priorities, by Emmett A. Betts.
Book Reviews, by Helen Bonnema:
   18. i.t.a. as a Tool for Preventing Cumulative Language Deficit in Disadvantaged Children, by Eleanor R. Kirkland & Frank Bautista.
   19. Escape to Elysium, by Dr. L. J. J. Nye.
Letters to the Editor:
   20. Get our Youth Interested, by Barnett Russell, M.D.

Fall 1973. Volume XIII, No. 3. pdf file 426kb
1. English Boom: China Learning 2nd Language, by Robert S. Elegant.
2. Reading Failures, Dropouts, Delinquency & Crime, part I, by Newell W. Tune.
6. Teaching Reading in English in India, by G. S. Mudambadithaya.
7. Evidence Submitted to the Bullock Committee of Inquiry into Reading and the use of English, by the i.t.a. Foundation, Dr. Douglas Pidgeon, Director.
11. Homonyms in the Webster-Dewey Dynamic Dictionary, by Henry Fiske.
14. Spelling Reforms in Dutch, by Jan A. L. Vaernewijck.
15. Spelling Reform in the Netherlands, by Wlm Van Oosten.
16. Drop the Dumb /b/, by Helen Bonnema.
Book review, by Newell W. Tune:
   18. Reading, Writing and Creativity, by Raymond E. Laurita.
Letters to the Editor:
   19. Spelling and Helth, by Douglas Everingham, Minister for Helth.
   19. Sticking to the Style, from the Canberra "Times".
   19. On i.t.m.'s and Spelling Reform, by Barnett Russell, M.D.
Advertisement: 'Sensubul Speling' "Sensubul English Speling Dikshuneri"

Winter 1973. Volume XIII, No. 4. pdf file 304kb
1. Untouched by union hands: Post's electronic Linotron, by William A. Elson.
2. Linguistics: a Basis of Orthography, by Emmett Albert Betts.
3. Just for the pun of it, by Helen Bonnema.
6. Reading Failures, Dropouts, Delinquency & Crime, part II, by Newell W. Tune.
10. Reading: Phonemic Basis of Word Perception, by Emmett Albert Betts.
16. The Notion of Regularity in Reading and Spelling, by Richard L. Venezky.
Letters to the Editor:
   19. Spanish Spelling Reform, On SR-1.
   20. Fonetic Language Revolution; Pronunciation, Spelling Bewilder Students.

Spring 1974. Volume XIV, No. 1. pdf file 369kb
1. I.R.A. - Phonemic Spelling Council Convention Institute.
2. Phonics: Methods and Orthography, by Emmett Albert Betts.
7. Needed Research in Orthography, by Mark Lester.
8. Predicting Reading Difficulty from Spelling, by Milton D. Jacobson.
11. The Importance of Medium and Motivation in the Learning of English as a Foreign Language, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
15. A Flemish Linguist Looks at the Simplification of English Spelling, by G. Verboven.
16. Néos, a magazine devoted to reforming French Spelling, translated by Ivor Darreg.
Our Readers Write Us:
   20. re: "In English, aspiration is not phonemic."? by Vic Paulsen.
   20. Reply, by Emmett A. Betts.
   20. An Experimental Teaching System, by Barnett Russell, M.D.

Summer 1974. Volume XIV, No. 2. pdf file 366kb
Our Readers Write:
   1. Colour Coding, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
   1. Curing illiteracy in Australians, by Mrs. E. D. Smelt.
2. Language, Speech, and Writing, by W. Nelson Francis.
6. The English Language, by Newell W. Tune and Helen Bonnema.
7. Phonics: Methods and Orthography, by Emmett A. Betts.
13. Experimental Analysis of Reading, Spelling, and Printing in the First Grade, by Edmund B. Coleman
18. Talks given at International Reading Association Convention in New Orleans, May 1-4, 1974, reported by Helen Bonnema.
Our Readers Write:
   20. The Problem of Dialectal Variations, by Helen Bonnema.
   20. The Different Aspects of Spelling Reform, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.

Fall 1974. Volume XIV, No. 3. pdf file 440kb
Book Review:
   1. The Samuel Noory Dictionary of Pronunciation.
2. Beginning Reading: Shapes of the Letters, by Emmett Albert Betts, LL.D.
3. English Around the World: a General Question, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
4. Research in Reading; Grassroots Variety, by Harvie Barnard.
7. Tuward a Moer Piktueresk Speech, transliterated into a modified W.E.
7. Oracy and Literacy, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
13. Viewpoints: by Emmett Albert Betts, Ph.D.
13. Orthography: Phonemes and Dictionary Respellings, by Emmett Albert Betts, Ph.D.
14. On Reforming Written Chinese, by Wen Hua.
16. Peking is Stressing Latinized Alphabet in Sinkiang, by Tillman Durdin.
Our Readers Write Us:
   17. About Sir James Pitman's letter, by Harvie Barnard.
   17. In re: Orthographies, 1974, by William J. Reed.
   17. Concern for Literacy, by Harvie Barnard.
   18. The Sound and the Visual Image, by Arnold Rupert.
   18. Standardizing Phonemic Spelling, by Kingsley Read.
   19. On Word Signs, a reply to Kingsley Read, by Newell W. Tune.
   19. Computers and Optical Character Recognition, by Ivor Darreg.
   19. "The Folly of Spelling Reform," an attempted answer, by Donald L. Humphries.

Winter 1974. Volume XIV, No. 4. pdf file 284kb
1. Report on Educational Records Bureau Conference, by Helen Bonnema.
2. The Effects of T.O. and i.t.a. on Reading and Spelling Skills of Elementary School Children, by Allen Iles, Ed. D. Thesis: Introduction.
2. Chapter 1: the Problem.
3. Chapter 2: Experiments involving spelling prior to the 20th Century.
3. Chapter 2: Studies conducted during the 20th Century.
8. Chapter 2: Summary.
8. Chapter 3: Procedures of the tests.
10. Chapter 3: Summary.
11. Chapter 4: Findings of the reading and spelling tests.
12. Chapter 4: Analysis of spelling errors.
14. Chapter 5: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations.
15. Viewpoints II, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D, LL.D.
16. Reading: Linguistic Guidelines, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
Book Review, by Ismail K. Poonawala, Ph.D.:
   17. Toward Simplification and Modernization of Arabic, by Fuad Tarazi.
Book Review, by Newell W. Tune,
   18. The Letter Breakdown, by John W. Dobrauz.
Our Readers Write Us:
   19. The Distinction Between a Writing System and a Reading System, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
   19. "Initial Teaching Alphabet 100 Years Ago", a reply by Sir James Pitman, KBE.
   20. Work With the United Nations, by Harvie Barnard.
   20. How to Design an Alfabet, by Newell W. Tune.

Spring 1975. Volume XV, No. 1. pdf file 367kb
1. The Sydney Morning Herald & The Australian.
2. Some Principles Governing any Intended Improvement of the Visible language of English, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
5. The Historic Portuguese Spelling Reform, by Robert Mayhew.
7. Reading: Bidialectalism, by Emmett Albert Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
8. The Mistake (poem), by Lloyd Joly.
9. Phoneme and Supralect, by Joseph A. Perry, Jr.
11. Are Phonemes Real? (experiments in assembled speech) by Gil W. Stevenson.
14. Which Way in Spelling Reform? by Gertrude H. Hildreth, Ph.D.
Book Reviews by Newell W. Tune:
   16. Can Language be Planned, Ed. by Joan Rubin & Björn J. Jernudd.
   17. Dictionary of Foreign Terms, by Mario Pei & Salvatore Ramondino.
   17. A demonstration of a new and useful Color-Coded pronunciation symbol system, by Lorna B. Novak.
*18. First International Conference of the Simplified Spelling Society.
   *18. The Shape of things to come.
Our Readers Write Us:
   19. About the Bullock Enquiry, by George O'Halloran.
   19. About the S.R.1 movement in Australia, by Robert Mayhew.
   19. What about Common Cause?, by Harvie Barnard.
   20. More about S.R.1, by Mrs. Helen Tuffin.

Summer 1975. Volume XV, No. 2. pdf file 260kb
A Study Undertaken to Point the Way Toward a More Regular Spelling. by Norma H. Tuffley, M.A. Thesis.
2. I. The Problem and this Study.
3. II. Review of Previous Writings and Related Research: Previous Writings.
4. Review of Related Research: Spelling Reform in England.
5. Spelling Reform in the United States.
8. III. The Study.
8. Appendixes Explained.
9. General Principles Followed: Concerning Consonants.
9. Concerning Vowels.
9. Specific Suggestions on Consonant Irregularities.
13. Specific Suggestions on Vowel Irregularities.
18. IV. The Study Summarized.
19. V. Conclusions and Recommendations; a Plan for Implementation.
19. VI. Appendixes.

Fall 1975. Volume XV, No. 3. pdf file 452kb
2. The Special Problems of the Hebrew Spelling Reform, by Werner Weinberg.
8. Word Perception: Processes and Medium, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D, LL.D.
10. Mark Twain on Simplified Spelling.
11. What is a Cow? (for advanced students of English or engineers).
12. The Drawbacks of Traditional Orthography, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
15. How to Pass a Bill (thru the Legislature), by John Ligtenberg.
17. Viewpoints III, by Emmett Albert Betts, Ph.D., L.L.D.
Book Review, by Newell W. Tune:
   18. Variant Spellings in Modern American Dictionaries, by Donald W. Emery.
Our Readers Write Us:
   19. In re: Representing Pronunciation, by Kingsley Read.
   19. Re: Letter about the Bullock Committee, by Wm. J. Reed.
   19. Comments on a Book Review, by Ivor Darreg.
   20. Pronunciation and Spelling, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.

Winter 1975. Volume XV, No. 4. pdf file 254kb
1. Meeting notice. I.R.A. - Phonemic Spelling Council.
2. The Bullock Report Says: Take Another Look at i.t.a., by John Downing, Ph.D.
3. The Causes of Illiteracy & Recommendations for Action, by Valerie Yule.
10. Text of policy statement on spelling reform by the Victorian Action Committee Against Illiteracy.
*11. Illiteracy. Is English Spelling a Significant Factor? by Marjorie Chaplin.
*13. Spelling and Parliament, by William J. Reed.
17. The Study of Speech Sounds, by Emmett Albert Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
Our Readers Write Us:
   19. Who shall start spelling reform? by C. R. Moore.
   19. The two sides of the coin, by Harvie Barnard.
   20. Discussion on Teaching Techniques, by Mrs. Raymond Rubicam.
   20. Continuing the Discussion, by Newell W. Tune.

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