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SPB was edited and published by Newell W Tune in California, 1961-1983. See Bulletin Riters and Bulletin Topics. He issued an Anthology of SPB articles in Spelling Reform: A Comprehensive Survey.
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Spring 1979. Volume XIX, No. 1. pdf file 297kb
1. Announcements. Obituary: Mr Herbert S. Wilkinson.
2. Reading/Writing: Decoding/Encoding, by Emmett Albert Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
5. The Problem of a Common Language, by George Bernard Shaw.
6. George Bernard Shaw on Spelling Reform, by Newell W. Tune.
7. "English" for all the World, by Ali Fiumedoro.
7. Let us be Practical about Spelling Reform, by Valerie Yule.
10. 'This Great Reform', Mr. Pitman and Mr. Ellis at Bath, by John Kelly.
14. The Child's Early Experience with the Letter A, by Ernest Horn.
16. Critique Updating the Above, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D. & Katherine P. Betts, Ph.D.
17. Cultural Lag and Prematurity; The Case of English Spelling, by Kenneth H. Ives.
18. Which Reformed Spelling is the Easiest to Learn?, by Newell W. Tune.
From our Readers:
   19. Rules for Spelling, by Harvie Barnard.
   19. On Doubled Consonants, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
   20. Overcoming the obstacles to spelling reform, by Arnold Rupert.

Summer 1979. Volume XIX, No. 2. pdf file 306kb
1. Reaction to Ives' 'Acceptability of Proposed Spelling Reforms', by Helen B. Bisgard, Ed.D.
2. Helping the Foreigner to Learn English, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
4. Desiderata, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
7. Back to the Basics is Bunk (Schools not using reading research), by Donna Danylchuk.
9. A New Approach to Education via the Organic Computer, by Harvie Barnard.
12. Does Practice Make Perfect?, by Raymond H. Pierson.
13. It's Easy to Speak, Tough to Write Right, by Sydney J. Harris.
14. Acceptability of Proposed Spelling Reforms, by Kenneth H. Ives.
15. Cobbservations, by Mary D. Cobb.
17. Word Perception: Bases of Orthographic Decoding, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D, LL.D.
Book Review, by Katherine P. Betts, Ph.D.
   19. The Evolution of Language, by Rostam Keyan.
20. Spelling Reform or Learning Reform? by Sir James Pitman, KBE.

Fall 1979. Volume XIX, No. 3. pdf file 290kb
1. Brief report: SSS 2nd International Conference. Obituary: Axel Wijk.
2. The Spelling Game, by Robert Seysmith.
3. Correspondence of G. B. Shaw relative to Simplification and Rationalization of Spelling - a letter to Robert Bridges.
4. The Gohst, by Frank T. du Feu.
5. Linguistic Awareness, English Orthography & Reading Instruction, by John Downing, Ph.D.
11. Language, Orthography and the Schwa, by Katherine P. Betts, Ph.D. with Appendix, by Emmett Betts.
17. Acceptable to Whom? How Progressives and Reformers View Spelling Reform, by Kenneth H. Ives.
18. Digrafs & Dipthongs, by Leo G. Davis.
Our Readers Write About:
   19. How is type set?, by Edward Rondthaler.
   19. Comments on "Digrafs & Difthongs", by Helen Bonnema Bisgard, Ed.D.
   19. The Chicago Tribune's Adventure in Spelling, by Raymond H. Pierson.
20. Some Keyboard Options and Close Phonetic Reform, by Arnold Rupert.

Winter 1979. Volume XIX, No. 4.
1. SSS Conference Report. IRA Convention Report.
2. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Reading and Spelling, by Valerie Yule and Fergus McBride.
4. Modern Technology and Spelling Reform, by Helen Bonnema Bisgard, Ed.D.
5. In Defense of a Separate Phoneme for Unstressed Shwa, by Helen B. Bisgard, Ed.D.
6. Graphic R, by Emmett Albert Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
19. Analogy in English Spelling, by D. G. Scragg,
20. Book Review, by Helen Bonnema Bisgard, Ed.D.:
    Kenneth H. Ives, Written Dialects n Spelling Reforms.

Spring 1980. Volume XX, No. 1.
1. SSS Conference Report.
2. Program of the Second International Conference on Reading & Spelling at Nene College Northampton, England, July 27-30, 1979.
2. Abstracts of the papers presented at the 2nd International Conf. on Reading & Spelling.
6. The Right to Read, by Axel Wijk, Docent.
8. Research on Spelling Reform, by John Downing, Ph.D.
10. The Effects of a Simplified Spelling on Children's Readiness to Read, by D. V, Thackray, Ph.D.
13. A Pedagogical Purview of Orthography, by George O'Halloran.
16. What do we really need in teaching reading? by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
18. A Multisensory Approach to the Teaching & Learning of Spelling, by Alun Bye.
19. A Practical Approach to Spelling Reform, by Walter F. Cook.
20. Where do we go from here? by Dr. Wilbur J. Kupfrian.

Summer 1980. Volume XX, No. 2.
1. Causes of Failure in the Schools, by Irene & Newell Tune. IRA Convention report.
2. Is Spelling Reform Feasible?, by Elsie M. Oakensen.
6. A Spelling Reform Step, by Frank T. du Feu.
7. Some proposed Principles for Simplifying English Orthography, by John R. Beech, Ph.D.
13. Participants in the 1979 SSS Conf. on Reading & Spelling, Nene College, by Vic Paulsen.
14. In Defence of Conservatism in English Orthography, by Philip T. Smith, Ph.D.
17. Spelling Reform & the Psychological Reality of English Spelling Rules, by Robert Baker.

Fall 1980. Volume XX, No. 3.
1. Notices. SSS 3rd International Conference. International Spelling Reform Day.
2. Participants in the 1979 SSS Conference on Reading & Spelling, Fotos by Vic Paulsen.
4. The Cultural Impediments of English Orthography, by. Vic Paulsen.
7. A Transitional Spelling Reform for Adults and Learners, by Valerie Yule.
10. How to Implement Spelling Reform, by Valerie Yule.
13. International Day for Spelling-Spotting, September 30th.
14. Reading and Writing in English, by S. Bakowski.
15. The Sensible Solution to Simplified Spelling: One Sound=One Symbol, by Hugh V. Jamieson.
16. Es Es Es /FONIK/, by S. S. Eustace.
17. A Letter to Senator George McGovern, by Raymond H. Pierson.
19. On Financing the SPB, by Leo Davis.
20. The James International Alphabet.

Winter 1980. Volume XX, No. 4. pdf file 270kb
1. Notices. SSS 3rd International Conference. Joint IRA & SSS meeting.
2. Spelling as a Language Art, by Greg. H. Frith, Ed.D. & Janet W. Mitchell, Ed.D.
4. The Etymological Argument FOR Spelling Reform, by Valerie Yule.
5. Assimilation vs. Etymology, by Robert Seysmith.
6. Arson and other Crimes, by Harvie Barnard.
10. Linguistic and Cultural Perspectives on Spelling Irregularity, by John G. Barnitz.
13. Comments on the Barnitz article, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
13. Comments on the Barnitz article, by Donald C. Scragg.
14. Toward a Spelling Reform, by Albert J. Mazurkiewicz, Ph.D.
17. Patterns of Spelling Errors: Some Problems of Test Design, by David Moseley.
18. Principles for an Economy Spelling System, by Kenneth H. Ives.

Spring 1981. Volume XXI, No. 1. pdf file 234kb
1. Violence and disruption in the classroom, by Samuel I. Connor.
2. A Comparative Study of Chief Executive Officers' and Personnel Directors' Spelling Preferences, by Pauline Papailiou and Laraine Jason, M.A. Thesis.
Book Review, by Valerie Yule:
   17. Cognitive Processes in Spelling, by Uta Frith, Editor.
Book Review, by Newell W. Tune:
   18. Reading and Reasoning, by John Downing.
   19. What Happens to Children - the origins of violence, by Valerie Yule.
   19. Reading: How To, by Herbert Kohl.
20. A Letter to Grandpa, by Timmie A. Dropout.

Summer 1981. Volume XXI, No. 2. pdf file 291kb
1. Announcements. IRA Convention. Special Interest Group. Reading: Spelling and Word Perception.
2. Spelling Irregularity, Spelling Reform, and Learning to Read Meaningfully, a Commentary, by Dr. John G. Barnitz.
3. A Study of the Consonant Situations in a Primary Reading Vocabulary, by Elsie Black.
6. A Study of the Vowel Situations in a Primary Reading Vocabulary, by Ruth E. Oaks.
13. Perceptual Learning: Phonics Countdown, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.
17. A Letter to the Editor: "Prince-Rupert Drops," by Edward Rondthaler.
18. Syllabic Generalizations: Help or Hindrance to Communication?, by Donald Me Feely, Ph.D.

Fall 1981. Volume XXI, No. 3. pdf file 268kb
2. Can We Assume our Remedial Reading Students Know How to Use the Dictionary, by Maryann Feola Castelucci.
3. Self-Observation in the Remedial Reading Classroom, by Maryann Feola Castelucci,
4. Preface, by Newell W. Tune, Introduction, by Harvie Barnard (to the Book).
5. Simplified Spelling, or Spelling Reform--Who's Interested?, by Harvie Barnard.
6. Reading: Spellings (Phonics) and Word Perception, by Katherine P. Betts, Ph.D.
7. Etymological Arguments FOR Spelling Reform, by Valerie Yule.
9. A Look at Interlang, the Modern Wurld Inglish, by Martin Karens, C.T.
9. The Possibilities of Change in English Orthography, by Thomas R. Hofmann, Ph.D, Sc.
14. If You're Not a Spelling Genius, Beware of Friday, by Patricia McCune Irvine.
16. The Visual Symbolization of Speech, by David Abercrombie.
Book Reviews, by Emmett A. Betts, Ph.D., LL.D.:
   18. English Illiteracy, Deification of Decadence, by Vic Paulsen.
   19. The New Spelling-Orthographic Structuralism, by Raymond E. Laurita.
   19. 1,001 Affixes and their meanings, by Raymond E. Laurita.
   19. The Vowel Category Resource Lists, by Raymond E. Laurita.
A letter to the editor, by Raymond H. Pierson:
   20. Your proposed book on Spelling Ref.

Winter 1981. Volume XXI, No. 4. pdf file 313kb
1. Notice: IRA Convention. SSS Conference Developments. Obituary: Raymond H. Pierson.
2. Could Adoption of the Metric System Serve as a Model for Spelling Reform? by Lotte Hirsch.
4. Fowler's English Usage Revised, by Valerie Yule.
7. The Evolution and Use of a Phonemically Consistent Alphabet, by J. Henry Martin, Ph.D.
10. A Discussion of SR-2 and On, by Newell W. Tune.
11. I Luv U, by Abraham F. Citron, Ph.D.
14. A Transition to Improved Spelling for Learners and Literate Adults, by Valerie Yule.
17. A Summary of Ten Disasters to English Literacy, by Sir James Pitman, K.B.E.
18. A Proposal for the Implementation of a Rationalized Form of English Spelling, by Harvie Barnard.
Book Review, by Newell Tune:
   19. Life with Letters, by Edward Rondthaler.

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