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Eagle. Albert. Some Thoughts on Spelling Reform. Jun 1962 pdf. p21.

Eccles. Sir David former Minister of Educ. English as a World Language. Dec 1962 pdf. p18.

Ediger. Marlow. Learning Activities in the Spelling Curriculum. Fall 1983. pp18,19.

Editorials. Other editorial items were written by Harvie Barnard, Helen Bonnema, Helen Bowey, Newell Tune.

- Letter from the Rotary Club of Australia. Jun 1961 pdf. p7.

- Editorial: Parent Organizations for 'Better Education'. Oct 1961 pdf. p1.

- A Review of New Books. Oct 1961 pdf. pp18,19?

- Two most interesting books. Dec 1961 pdf. p1.

- What's the Matter with Our Schools - an editorial. Dec 1961 pdf. p4.

- A Preface to the Augmented Roman Alphabet. Dec 1961 pdf. p6.

- A News Editorial on Self-Education. Mar 1962 pdf. p28.

- An announcement of policy. Oct 1962 pdf. p1.

- Pitman and Downing Tour America. Oct 1962 pdf. p26.

- Sir James Pitman and John Downing tour America. Dec 1962 pdf. pp1,22.

- Progress during 1962. Dec 1962 pdf. p20.

- Editorial. Grant goes begging. Mar 1963 pdf. p1.

- Summer Session. Jun 1963 pdf. p1.

- Reviews of New Books. Jun 1963 pdf. p17.

- Late News. I.T.A. news. Oct 1963 pdf. p1.

- Late News. i/t/a/ being used in schools. Dec 1963 pdf. p1.

- Now We Know! from the Rocky Mountain Cyclone. Dec 1963 pdf. p24.

- Announcements and Late News. Education Events. Mar 1964 pdf. p1.

- i/t/a/ reading classes visited. Mar 1964 pdf. p24.

- Late News. i/t/a/ Teacher-Training Workshops. Summer 1964 pdf. p1.

- Book reviews. Teacher and Technology. New Designs for Learning by Wm. Clark Trow. Fall 1964 pdf. p17.

- Late News and Announcements. i/t/a workshops. Winter 1964 pdf. p1.

- Late News. Letter from Africa. i/t/a. workshops. Spring 1965 pdf. p1.

- Late News: US immigrants Law. i/t/a workshops. Summer 1965 pdf. p1.

- An Editorial. What is wrong with the intelligence of our leaders? Fall 1965 pdf. p1.

- Announcements: i/t/a workshops. Students in 42 States are Studying i.t.a. Spring 1966 pdf. pp1.15.

- Young Prince Tackles 44-character Alphabet. and Late News. Summer 1966 pdf. p1.

- i/t/a/ in the School year 1965. Fall 1966 pdf. p1.

- Rules for Spelling in Anglic. Winter 1966 pdf. p23.

- Late news. Second International i.t.a. Workshop and Conference. Summer 1967 pdf. p1.

- Late News: Announcement. SSS AGM. Fall 1967 pdf. p1.

- Book reviews. Elements of General Phonetics by David Abercrombie. Spring 1968 pdf. p17.

- In Memoriam: Helen Emily Bowyer. Announcements. Spring 1969 pdf. p1.

- From 'This Week Magazine' (of Canada). Easy Reading. English v Japanese. Summer 1969 pdf. p1.

- Book reviews. i/t/a as a Language Arts Medium. edited by J. R. Block. Summer 1969 pdf. p18.

- Book reviews. Growing-with-language Program by Harold Tanyzer, Albert J. Mazurkiewiez & Annie De Caprio. Summer 1969 pdf. p18.

- Late News. legacy to i.t.a. Winter 1969 pdf. p1.

- Book review. High School 1980. ed by Dr Alvin C. Eurich. Spring 1970 pdf. p1.

- Book review. Programmed Illiteracy in our Schools by Mary Johnson. Spring 1970 pdf. p19.

- Letters from Readers. Letters to 'The Teacher'. and from teachers. Summer 1970 pdf. p1.

- Announcement: In this issue. M.S. Thesis pt 1. Fall 1970 pdf. p1.

- Editor's comments. Why wer previous attempts at teaching . . .? Winter 1970 pdf. p1.

- Announcements of events. International Society of Phonetic Sciences. Spring 1971 pdf. p1.

- Our Readers Write Us. Summer 1971 pdf. pp17-20.

- Late News. i.t.a. Foundation announces new funds and expanded program. Fall 1971 pdf. p1.

- Our Readers Write Us. Fall 1971 pdf. pp17-20.

- Editorial. To our friends. Plea for increased circulation to cover costs. Winter 1971 pdf. p1.

- Our Readers Write Us. Winter 1971 pdf. pp19,20.

- Letters to the Editor. Spring 1972 pdf. pp19,20.

- George Bernard Shaw and the Alphabet. Summer 1972 pdf. p1.

- Our readers write us. Summer 1972 pdf. pp15-17.

- An Appeal to ask for a Congress Bill. Fall 1972 pdf. p1.

- Our Readers Write Us. Fall 1972 pdf. pp18-20.

- China pushes the teaching of the phonetic Roman alphabet. Winter 1972 pdf. p1.

- Simplifying the Arabic Language. Winter 1972 pdf. p1.

- I.R.A. reports on: The National Right to Read Program. Winter 1972 pdf. p2.

- Report on Education Research. by USOE. Winter 1972 pdf. pp2,3.

- Our Readers Write Us. Winter 1972 pdf. pp19,20.

- I.R.A. 18th Annual Convention program. Spring 1973 pdf. p1.

- Electronic Mail Begins (news). Spring 1973 pdf. p6.

- Our Readers Write Us. Spring 1973 pdf. pp16,17.

- Letters to the Editor. Summer 1973 pdf. p20.

- Letters to the Editor. Fall 1973 pdf. p19.

- Letters to the Editor. Winter 1973 pdf. pp19,17.

- I.R.A. Phonemic Spelling Council Convention Institute. Spring 1974 pdf. p1.

- Our Readers Write Us. Spring 1974 pdf. p20.

- The English Language. short poem. Summer 1974 pdf. p6.

- Our Readers Write. Summer 1974 pdf. pp20,1.

- Book review.The Samuel Noory Dictionary of Pronunciation. Fall 1974. p1 pdf.

- Tuward a Moer Piktueresk Speech. transliterated into a modified W.E. Fall 1974 pdf. p7.

- Our Readers Write Us. Fall 1974 pdf. pp17-20.

- Our Readers Write Us. Winter 1974 pdf. pp19,20.

- Our Readers Write Us. Spring 1975 pdf. pp19,20.

- What is a Cow? (for advanced students of English or engineers). Fall 1975 pdf. p11.

- Our Readers Write Us. Fall 1975 pdf. pp19,20.

- Meeting notice. I.R.A. Phonemic Spelling Council. Winter 1975 pdf. p1.

- Our Readers Write Us. Winter 1975 pdf. pp19,20.

- Our Readers Write. Fall 1976 pdf. p20.

- Our Readers Write Us. Fall 1977 pdf. pp20,10.

- Obituary: Dr. Godfrey Dewey. Winter 1977 pdf. p1.

- Our Readers Write Us. A better I.L.M. by Ed Starrett. with responses. Spring 1978 pdf. pp17-20.

- Phonemic Spelling Council, successor to Simpler Spelling Association. Winter 1978 pdf. p1.

- Our Readers Write Us. Is it possible to devise an allophonic alphabet by Sir James Pitman. Winter 1978 pdf. pp19,20.

- Obituary: Mr Herbert S. Wilkinson. Spring 1979 pdf. p1.

- From our Readers. Harvie Barnard. Sir James Pitman. Arnold Rupert. Spring 1979 pdf. pp19.20.

- Our Readers Write. Edward Rondthaler. Raymond H Pierson. Fall 1979 pdf. p19.

- Notices. SSS 3rd International Conference. International Spelling Reform Day. Fall 1980. p1.

- Notices. SSS 3rd International Conference. Joint IRA & SSS meeting. Winter 1980 pdf. p1.

- Announcements. IRA Convention. Special Interest Group. Reading: Spelling and Word Perception. Summer 1981 pdf. p1.

- Preface. Introduction. (to the Book Spelling Reform - a comprehensive survey). Fall 1981 pdf. p4.

- A letter to the editor by Raymond H. Pierson. Your proposed book on Spelling Reform. Fall 1981 pdf. p20.

- Notices: IRA Convention. SSS Conference Developments. Obituary: Raymond H. Pierson. Winter 1981 pdf. p1.

- Announcements: UK Information Technology Year. International Spelling Spotting Day. New publication: Spelling Reform. Spring 1982. p1.

- International Spelling Day. 2nd Edition of book. Spelling Reform. Obituary Hugh V. Jamieson. Fall 1982. p1.

- Accolade of Admiration & Appreciation: Spelling Reform for Newell W. Tune. Winter 1982. p20.

- Obituary. Victor Perry Paulsen. Spring 1983. p1.

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Eustace. S.S. See Newsletter.

- Measurement of the Phoneticness of our Spelling. Dec 1961 pdf. pp11-13.

- Augmented Roman News. Jun 1962 pdf. pp7.8.

- Augmented Roman News. Oct 1962 pdf. pp2-4.

- Pronunciation in the Past. a historical pronouncing vocabulary. Summer 1972 pdf. pp18,19.

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- Es Es Es /FONIK/. Fall 1980. pp16,17.

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Everingham. Douglas. N. See Journals, Newsletters.

- Book reviews. Spelling Reform - a new Approach by Harry Lindgren. Winter 1969 pdf. pp11,12.

- The Quelling Fear of Wording. Spring 1972 pdf. p1.