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Cartoons. Jun 1962 pdf. p5, p9. Summer 1964 pdf. p16. Summer 1967 pdf. p3. Summer 1968 pdf. p5. Fall 1969pdf. p16. Winter 1969 pdf. p3. Summer 1971 pdf. p3. Fall 1971 pdf. p16. Spring 1975 pdf. p4, p8. Spring 1977 pdf. p19. Summer 1977 pdf. p3, p4, p6.

Correspondence: From our readers/Our Readers Write Us/Letters to the Editor.

- A Letter from the Rotary Club of Brisbane, Australia Dr. L. I. J. Nye. June 1961 pdf. p7.

- An Interesting Letter. leo g. davis. June 1961 pdf. pp15,16.

- Research needed. I. Darreg. Spelling reform in European countries. K.G. Aberdeen. Guide lines for spelling reformers. I.B. Collins. A New Approach. S.S. Eustace. Summer 1971 pdf. pp17-20.

- Pride and Prejudice. I. Darreg. Intermediate Vowels? F.C. Wingfield. i.t.a. and Spelling Reform. William J. Reed. Orthagrafik Reform. L.G. Davis. A Parallel Language. S.S. Eustace. Abbreviated Block Letters. R. Deans. Fall 1971 pdf. pp17-20.

- i.t.a. and Spelling Reform. G. Hildreth. A light in the Night - SR 1. D. Everingham. How Americans are Classified. S.G. Stewart. is the i.t.a. the Ultimate? W. Haas. Nonsense Prose as a Test for Efficiency. Kingsley Read. Winter 1971 pdf. pp19,20.

- Wurld Inglish for the European Common Market. H. S. Wilkinson. The Politics of Spelling. D.N. Everingham. Comments on the Winter Issue. L.G. Davis. Spring 1972 pdf. pp19,20.

- Enquiry from India. H.V. Bharadwaj. Spelling Changes in Various Countries. D.L. Humphries. Legislation for Reform. E.F. Darling. An Answer to "The Folly of Spelling Reform". D.L. Humphries. Proposed Changes in the th-symbol. N. W. Tune. Summer 1972 pdf. pp15-17.

- Printing and Phonetics. I. Darreg. The International Aspects. H.C. Luth. Quo Vadis. K. Read. An Appeal to English Teachers. A.T. Kumarasawmy. Teaching Devices. C.E. Crona. How Many Symbols? C.C. Gerber. Fall 1972 pdf. pp18-20.

- This and That. R. Deans. Some notes on Afrikaans. C.R. Moore. "SR-1 Used". R. Mayhew. Where and How. H. Lindgren. Challenged! K. Read. Winter 1972 pdf. pp17-19.

- Problems in reforming our spelling. B. Russell. Venezky's research in symbol-sound correspondence. O.K. Kyöstiö Public lethargy and lack of publicity. A. Rupert. Basic Problems in Education. H. Barnard. Spring 1973 pdf. pp16,17.

- Get our Youth Interested. B. Russell. Summer 1973 pdf. p20.

- Spelling and Helth. D. Everingham, Minister for Helth. Sticking to the Style, from the Canberra "Times". On i.t.m.'s and Spelling Reform. B. Russell. Fall 1973 pdf. p19.

- Spanish Spelling Reform. On SR-1. Fonetic Language Revolution; Pronunciation, Spelling Bewilder Students. Winter 1973 pdf. pp19,20.

- re: "In English, aspiration is not phonemic."? V. Paulsen. Reply. E.A. Betts. An Experimental Teaching System. B. Russell. Spring 1974 pdf. p20.

- The Problem of Dialectal Variations. H. Bonnema. The Different Aspects of Spelling Reform. J. Pitman. Colour Coding. J. Pitman. Curing illiteracy in Australians. E.D. Smelt. Summer 1974 pdf. pp20,1.

- About Sir James Pitman's letter. H. Barnard. In re: Orthographies, 1974. W.J. Reed. Concern for Literacy. H. Barnard. The Sound and the Visual Image. A. Rupert. Standardizing Phonemic Spelling. K. Read. On Word Signs, a reply to Kingsley Read. N.W. Tune. Computers and Optical Character Recognition. I. Darreg. "The Folly of Spelling Reform," an attempted answer. D.L. Humphries. Fall 1974 pdf. pp17-20.

- The Distinction Between a Writing System and a Reading System. J. Pitman. "Initial Teaching Alphabet 100 Years Ago", a reply by J. Pitman. Work With the United Nations. H. Barnard. How to Design an Alfabet. Newell W. Tune. Winter 1974 pdf. pp19,20.

- About the Bullock Enquiry. G. O'Halloran. About the S.R.1 movement in Australia. R. Mayhew. What about Common Cause? H. Barnard. More about S.R.1. H. Tuffin. Spring 1975 pdf. pp19,20.

- In re: Representing Pronunciation. K. Read. Re: Letter about the Bullock Committee. W. J. Reed. Comments on a Book Review. I. Darreg. Pronunciation and Spelling. J. Pitman. Fall 1975 pdf. pp19,20.

- Who shall start spelling reform? C. R. Moore. The two sides of the coin. H. Barnard. Discussion on Teaching Techniques. R. Rubicam. Continuing the Discussion. N.W. Tune. Winter 1975 pdf. pp19,20.

- An Answer to "The Folly of Spelling Reform". A. Rupert. Research in Reading. H. Barnard. Summer 1976 pdf. pp19,20.

- Comments on: "Causes of Crime." Judge C. M. Phillips, Jr. Emphasis on Communication. H. Barnard. Comments on "Viewpoints on Spelling Reform." N.W. Tune. Fall 1976 pdf. p20.

- On Youth Crime. H. Barnard. The International Aspects of Spelling Reform. A. Citron. WETM or WETA? N.W. Tune. Personal Experience with Spelling. Anonymous. Fall 1977 pdf. p20.

- The English Language for World Wide Commerce. H. Barnard. Answer. Sen. W.G. Magnuson. Searching for a better I.L.M. E. Starrett. Reply (in SR-1). N.W. Tune. Rationale for Devising a Better I.L.M. E. Starrett. Quo Vadis Corrector? N.W. Tune. Spring 1978 pdf. pp17-20.

- Letter to L. Davis. E.R. Kirkland. Fall 1978 pdf. p1.

- Is it possible to devise an allophonic alphabet. J. Pitman. Reply by N.W. Tune. Winter 1978 pdf. pp19,20.

- Rules for Spelling. H. Barnard. On Doubled Consonants. J. Pitman. Overcoming the obstacles to spelling reform. A. Rupert. Spring 1979 pdf. pp19,20.

- Spelling Reform or Learning Reform? J. Pitman. Summer 1979 pdf. p20.

- How is type set? E. Rondthaler. Comments on "Digrafs & Difthongs". H.B. Bisgard. The Chicago Tribune's Adventure in Spelling. R.H. Pierson. Fall 1979 pdf. pp19,1.

- Where do we go from here? W.J. Kupfrian. Spring 1980. p20.

- On Financing the SPB. L. Davis. Fall 1980 pdf. p19.

- "Prince-Ruppert Drops." E. Rondthaler. Summer 1981 pdf. p17.

- Your proposed book on Spelling Ref. R.H. Pierson. Fall 1981 pdf. p20.

- Letter to the Editor. C.J.H. Jolly. Winter 1983 pdf. p11.