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Fonemes, Fonics, Fonetics.

- How Phonetic is Our English Spelling? N.W. Tune. Dec 1961 pdf. pp9,10.

- The Measurement of the Phoneticness of our Spelling. S.S. Eustace. Dec 1961 pdf. pp11-13.

- The Phoneticness of the Russian Alphabet. V. Crassnoff. Dec 1961 pdf. pp14,15.

- Phonemic Spelling: A Linguistic Dilemma. G.W. Stevenson. Oct 1963 pdf. p9,18.

- Teaching Spelling. L. De Mar. Fall 1964 pdf. p8.

- Phonics in Proper Perspective. A.W. Heilman. Fall 1968 pdf. pp11-17.
Revew by H. Bowyer. Fall 1964 pdf. pp19,20.

- Elements of General Phonetics. D. Abercrombie. Revew. Spring 1968 pdf. p17.

- The Sound Patterns of English. N. Chomsky & M. Halle. by I. Darreg. Winter 1968 pdf. p15,16.

- Phonics in Learning to Read. E.C. Henderson. Revew by H. Bowyer. Winter 1968 pdf. pp16,8.

- How Phonemic is English Spelling. G. Dewey. Spring 1969 pdf. pp10-12.

- How Nearly Phonetic is English Spelling. N.W. Tune. Spring 1969 pdf. pp12-15.

- The Phonics Dilemma. B.A. Lloyd. Winter 1969 pdf. pp4,5.

- What Phonics Should We Teach? J.M. Smith. Spring 1970 pdf. pp4,5.

- Linguistics: a Basis of Orthography. E.A. Betts. Winter 1973 pdf. p2.

- Just for the pun of it. H. Bonnema. Winter 1973 pdf. pp3-5.

- Reading: Phonemic Basis of Word Perception. E.A. Betts. Winter 1973 pdf. pp10-16.

- The Notion of Regularity in Reading and Spelling. R.L. Venezky. Winter 1973 pdf. pp16-18.

- Phonics: Methods and Orthography. E.A. Betts. Spring 1974 pdf.pp2-6.
continued: Summer 1974 pdf. pp7-12.

- Orthography: Phonemes and Dictionary Respellings. E.A. Betts. Fall 1974 pdf. p13.

- Phoneme and Supralect. J.A. Perry. Spring 1975 pdf. pp9-11.

- Are Phonemes Real? (experiments in assembled speech). G.W. Stevenson. Spring 1975 pdf. pp11-13.

- Spelling and Phonics. E.A. Betts. Summer 1976 pdf. pp10-17.

- Stress: Syllable and Phrase. E.A. Betts. Winter 1976 pdf. p2,3.

- Stress Phenomena: a Delineation. E.A. Betts. Winter 1976 pdf. pp3,4.

- Five Fundamental Vowel Sounds. E.A. Betts. Winter 1976 pdf. pp4,5.

- Tense and Lax Vowels. E.A. Betts. Winter 1976 pdf. p5.

- Spelling and Phonics II. E.A. Betts. Summer 1977 pdf. p2.

- Sounds and Phonograms I (Grapheme-Phoneme Variables). E.A. Betts. Summer 1977 pdf. pp2,3.

- Sounds and Phonograms II (Variant Spellings). E.A. Betts. Summer 1977 pdf. p4.

- Sounds and Phonograms III (Variant Spellings). E.A. Betts. Summer 1977 pdf. pp5,6.

- In Defense of Continental Sound Values for English Vowel Letters. J.E. Chappell, Jr. Fall 1977 pdf. pp13,14.

- All the Way with Phonics. A.F. Citron. Summer 1978 pdf. pp15-19.

- Teacher Competence: Phonics Quotient. E.A. Betts. Summer 1978 pdf. pp19-23.

- Phonics, Miscues, and What's-The-Next-Word Syndrome. T.D. Horn. Summer 1978 pdf. pp26,23.

- Why Digraphs Impede Learning. J. Pitman. Winter 1978 pdf. pp2,3.

- Do Digraphs Impede Learning. G. Dewey. Winter 1978 pdf. p3.

- Rejoinder to Dewey's Arguments. J. Pitman. Winter 1978 pdf. pp4,5.

- Relative Frequency of Occurrence as a Factor in the Phonemic and Graphemic Problems of English. G. Dewey. Winter 1978 pdf. pp6-9.
Revew by H. Bonnema Bisgard, Winter 1978 pdf. pp18,19.

- A Fonetic Analysis of Present Day Spellings. F.T. du Feu. Winter 1978 pdf. pp16,17.

- Perceptual Learning: Phonics Countdown. E.A. Betts. Summer 1981 pdf. pp13-17.

Fonemes: Homofones, homonyms.

- Homophones. The National Shorthand Reports. Dec 1962 pdf. p21.

- More Homophones. N.W. Tune. Spring 1971 pdf. pp4-15.
a sequel to Homophones, Homographs & Heterographs - the deceitful words of English.

- Homophones in a Reformed Spelling. H. Lindgren. Summer 1971 pdf. pp13,14.

- Homonyms in the Webster-Dewey Dynamic Dictionary. H. Fiske. Fall 1973 pdf. pp11-13.

Fonemes: individual.

- What About the Schwa? F.Merriman Daltry. Jun 1961 pdf. pp2,3.

- The Best Means of Representing the "TH" Sounds. N.W. Tune. Dec 1961 pdf. p16.

- The Best Means of Representing the Th-sounds. G. Dewey. Mar 1963 pdf. pp16,17.

- The Best Means of Representing the Oo-sounds. N.W. Tune. Mar 1963 pdf. pp18,19.

- The best assignment of oo and uu in a reform of spelling. G. Dewey. Mar 1964 pdf. pp13,14

- The Role of C in a Minimal Change System of Spelling Reform. F. du Feu. Winter 1964 pdf. p3.

- Ye Very Peculiar Y (The Veri Pecyulyar Wi). L.R. Boyle. Spring 1969 pdf. pp15-17.

- Discrimination Needed. [w:wh, th, /au/:/o/] N.W. Tune. Summer 1969 pdf. p13.

- The Whimsical W. L.H. Boyle. Summer 1972 pdf. pp13,14.

- System 2 and the Letter Yer. E.F. Weir. Comment by S.S. Eustace. Summer 1972 pdf. pp17,18.

- Drop the Dumb /b/. H. Bonnema. Fall 1973 pdf. pp16,17.

- The Italian "a" Controversy. H. Bonnema Bisgard. Fall 1977 pdf. pp11-13.

- The Child's Early Experience with the Letter A. E. Horn. Spring 1979 pdf. pp14-16.

- Critique Updating the Above. E.A. Betts. & K.P. Betts. Spring 1979 pdf. pp16,17.

- Language, Orthography and the Schwa. K. P. Betts. Fall 1979. pp11-17.

- Comments. In Defense of a Separate Phoneme for Unstressed Shwa. H.B. Bisgard. Winter 1979 pdf. p5.

- Graphic R. E.A. Betts. Winter 1979. pp6-18.

- A Spelling Reform Step. [ow>o]. F.T. du Feu. Summer 1980. p8.

Fonics v Look and Say.

- But there is No Peace ... Council for Basic Education Bulletin. Jun 1962 pdf. p6.

- Phonetic Approach or Conventional Method - Which is more Effective? A. Hughes. Fall 1965 pdf. pp14,15.

- The Alliance Study: Phonetic Keys vs. Traditional Method. A. Hughes. Spring 1966 pdf. p4.

- A critical Examination of the Psychology of the Whole Word Technique. R.E. Laurita. Fall 1966 pdf. pp2-6.

- Errors Children Make in Reading. R.E. Laurita. Fall 1967 pdf. pp2-4.

- Learning to Read - the Great Debate. Jeanne Chall. Revew by N.W. Tune. Spring 1968 pdf. p19.

- Phonics - a Key to Success in Reading. J.P. Crowther. Summer 1969 pdf. p7.

- Look-Say and Phonics are both Obsolete. J. Downing. Summer 1969 pdf. p8.

- Phonics vs. Look-Say: is the end in sight? R.E. Laurita. Summer 1971 pdf. pp5-8.

- Sight Words and/or Phonics. E.A. Betts. Fall 1976 pdf. pp2-7.

- Letteritis (the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life). P.B. Stolee. Spring 1977 pdf. pp18,19.