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Governments: Communications with.

- Late News. Support for National Spelling Commission. Jun 1961 pdf. p1.

- Letter from the Rotary Club of Australia to UNESCO. Jun 1961 pdf. p7.

- A Letter to President Kennedy from Upton Sinclair. Oct 1962 pdf. p25.
White House reply to U. Sinclair. Mar 1963 pdf. p12.

- English as a World Language. D. Eccles, former Minister of Educ. Dec 1962 pdf. p18.

- Editorial. Grant goes begging. Mar 1963 pdf. p1.

- An Interesting Letter. Spelling Reform Bill. H.W. Wood. Jun 1963 pdf. p5.

- The Triple Revolution. H. Bowyer. Summer 1964 pdf. pp18-21.

- News and announcements. California plans for English for immigrants. Summer 1965 pdf. p1.

- Microminiaturization is a Word to Ponder. H. Bowyer. Summer 1966 pdf. pp14,15.

- The Fateful Moment. H. Bowyer. Winter 1967 pdf. pp10-12.

- Governors Express Interest in Proposed National Spelling Commission. Spring 1968 pdf. p1

- California School Children Lack the Incentive to Read. C.W. Weinberger. Spring 1968 pdf. p2.

- A Petition to the Commissioner of Education. Spring 1969 pdf. p19.

- Must we always have absurd spelling? K.G. Aberdeen. Winter 1969 pdf. p3.

- SSS resolution to the Secretary of State, Dept of Education and Science. W. Reed. Summer 1971 pdf. p1.

- An Appeal to ask for a Congress Bill. Fall 1972 pdf. pp1,13.

- Report on Education Research, by USOE. Winter 1972 pdf. pp2,3.

- An Example of a Letter to Send to your Congressman. Summer 1973 pdf. p1.

- Evidence Submitted to the Bullock Committee of Inquiry into Reading and the use of English, by the i.t.a. Foundation. D. Pidgeon. Fall 1973 pdf. pp7-11.

- How to Pass a Bill (thru the Legislature). J. Ligtenberg. Fall 1975 pdf. pp15,16.

- What is Reading? an Answer. H. Barnard. Spring 1977 pdf. p16.

- A Letter to Senator George McGovern. R.H. Pierson. Fall 1980. pp17,19.