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History of spelling and spelling reform, overvews of several current schemes.

- The Two Englishes. W. Barkley. Spring 1965 pdf. pp2-11.

- A 20th Century Look at the 'New English' of 1066. W. Barkley. Summer 1967 pdf. pp2,3,12

- A Preface by Mario Pei, to the book by Abraham Tauber, Better English thru Simplified Spelling - a History of Spelling Reform. Spring 1968 pdf. pp18,19.

- Simplified Spelling, Phonetic Alphabets, and their application to the teaching of reading. B.L.A. Iles. Fall 1970 pdf. pp1-26. Winter 1970 pdf. pp1-24.

- On 'Spelling' and 'Spelling Reform'. Introduction to Alphabets for English. W. Haas. Winter 1971 pdf. p8-11.
Revew by N.W. Tune. Winter 1971 pdf. pp17,18.

- The History of Writing and Disputes about Reading. R. Brown. Spring 1972 pdf. pp10-16.

- Pronunciation in the Past, a historical pronouncing vocabulary. S.S. Eustace. Summer 1972 pdf. pp18,19.

- A Discussion of Spelling Reform. K. Evans. Fall 1978 pdf. pp5-9.

- 'This Great Reform', Mr. [Isaac] Pitman and Mr. [Alexander John] Ellis at Bath. J.Kelly. Spring 1979 pdf. pp10-13.

- The Spelling Game [with a little embroidering]. R. Seysmith. Fall 1979 pdf. pp2,3.

- Is Spelling Reform Feasible? Appendix III. E.M. Oakensen. Summer 1980. pp5-6.