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Literacy: Reading.

- Laterality Characteristics and Reading. M.M. Clark. Spring 1970 pdf. pp7,8.

- What is Reading. H. Bonnema. Spring 1970 pdf. pp18,19.

- Reading and Spelling - How are they Related? H. Barnard. Fall 1971 pdf. p2.

- Something of What Reading Means. Louis Foley. Fall 1971 pdf. pp10,11.

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- Reading: Bidialectalism. E.A. Betts. Spring 1975 pdf. pp7,8.

- What is Reading? N.W. Tune. Winter 1977 pdf. p10.

- Why must Johnny learn how to read? N. von Hoffman. Summer 1978 pdf. p10
Rebuttal to the above. N.W. Tune. Summer 1978 pdf. p10.

- Spelling and Reading: How are They Related? L. Fay. Summer 1978 pdf. pp11,12.

- Reading: A Class is Plural. E.A. Betts. Winter 1978 pdf. pp13-16.

- Reading/Writing: Decoding/Encoding. E.A. Betts. Spring 1979 pdf. pp2-5.

- What do we really need in teaching reading? J. Pitman. Spring 1980. pp16-18.

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- The First Essential in Reading Improvement. E.A. Betts. Summer 1982. pp5,6.

- The Sounds of Language - an Added Dimension in Reading Instruction. J.E. Brown. Fall 1983. pp2-9.

Literacy: Research.

- Two Teaching Experiments. N.W. Tune. Mar 1961 pdf. pp6-10.

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- Needed: Research in Spelling - not Reading. L.G. Davis. Summer 1967 pdf. p23.

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- An Experiment in Methodology Using a Phonetic Alphabet. B. Tudor-Hart. Spring 1969 pdf. pp2-10.

- Babies write a new social code. A. Pacey. Summer 1970 pdf. pp9,10.

- A Black Mark for Teacher. A. Pacey. Summer 1970 pdf. pp11,12.

- Spelling Difficulty - a Survey of the Research. L.S. Cahen, M.J. Craun, S.K. Johnson. Summer 1972 pdf. pp6-11.

- A Re-examination of W. R. Lee's "Spelling Irregularity and Reading Difficulty in English". J. Downing. Fall 1972 pdf. pp2-4.

- Research on Orthographies: Priorities. E.A. Betts. Summer 1973 pdf. pp15-17.

- Needed Research in Orthography. M. Lester. Spring 1974 pdf. pp7,8.

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- Spellings in Commerce: Logical? Anathema? A.J. Mazurkiewiez. Summer 1983. pp17-20.

Literacy: Spelling.

- British and American Spelling. N.W. Tune. Winter 1964 pdf. pp2,3.

- Relativity and Spelling - Two Departures from Logic. J.E. Chappell. Winter 1964 pdf. pp6-10.

- The Spelling of Geographical Names. K.H. Lavender. Summer 1969 pdf. pp6,7.

- Analogy in English Spelling. D.G. Scragg. Winter 1979. pp19,20.

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- If You're Not a Spelling Genius, Beware of Friday. P. McCune Irvine. Fall 1981 pdf. pp14,15.

- Spellin' Bees are the Most Wunnerful Part of Getting Educated. H. Barnard. Fall 1983. p17.