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Other languages compared with English.

- A Foreigner Looks at English Spelling. L.H. Boyle. Jun 1961 pdf. pp8,9.

- On Stress Location in the World's Chief Languages. W. Gassner. Mar 1962 pdf. pp2-11.

- Learning to Read. Beatrice Tudor-Hart. Jun 1962 pdf. p9.

- Why Johnny Could Spell. G.W. Stevenson. Dec 1963 pdf. p6.

- Where is our Business Sense, our Knowhow? H. Bowyer. Winter 1964 pdf. pp4,5.

- New Light on Beginning Reading. G. Hildreth. Winter 1965 pdf. pp14-16.

- English Versus the Near-East Languages. H. Bonnema. Summer 1972 pdf. pp2,3.

Czech. On Czechoslovak learning. M. Vikla. Letter. Dec 1963 pdf. p14.

Finnish. Written Finnish and its Development. O.K. Kyöstiö. Summer 1973 pdf. pp11-14.

Flemish. A Flemish Linguist Looks at the Simplification of English Spelling. G. Verboven. Spring 1974 pdf. pp15,16.

French. Parlez Vous Franglais? H.R. Lottman. Summer 1966 pdf. pp17-19.

- The Witch Hunt. Y. Lebrun. Winter 1966 pdf. p9.

Japanese. Easy Reading. English v Japanese. Summer 1969 pdf. p1.

Music. Language Engineering. What it could do for us. I. Darreg. Dec 1963 pdf. pp7-11.

Russian. The Worm at the Root. H. Bowyer. Mar 1961 pdf. p18.

- The Phoneticness of the Russian Alphabet. V. Crassnoff. Dec 1961 pdf. pp14,15.

- What Ivan Knows That Johnny Doesn't. A.S. Trace. Revew by H. Bowyer. Jun 1962 pdf. pp12-15.

- What a Nine-year-old Russian Knows About his Language. V.N. Crassnoff. Jun 1963 pdf. pp4,5.

- Review. The Stupidity Problem. R.M. Hutchins. Dec 1963 pdf. pp13,14.

- We are Asking For It. D. Court. Fall 1964 pdf. pp10,11,13.

South Africa. Fanagalo (Kitchen Kafir), the Lingua Franca of Southern Africa. J.D. Bold. Oct 1963 pdf. pp16-18.

- Teaching Spelling in South Africa. B.C.D. Willamse. Winter 1966 pdf. p10,11.

Spanish. How You Say It? Por Favor? H. Bowyer. Jun 1961 pdf. p4.

Turkish. Adventures with the Turkish Alfabe. G. Hildreth. Dec 1961 pdf. pp5,6.

Other languages: Reform of spelling in.

Chinese Watch Out for China. H. Bowyer. Jun 1963 pdf. pp14-16.

- Chinese Language Reform. R. Nader. Dec 1963 pdf. p21.

- Book Review. Reform of the Chinese Written Language. Chou En-lai et al. Kai-yu Hsu. Fall 1965 pdf. pp19,20.

- Book Review. Notes and Quotes from: Reform of the Chinese Written Language. ed. by N.W. Tune. Fall 1965 pdf. p21.

- China pushes the teaching of the phonetic Roman alphabet. Winter 1972 pdf. p1.

- On Reforming Written Chinese. W. Hua. Fall 1974 pdf. pp14-16.

- Peking is Stressing Latinized Alphabet in Sinkiang. T. Durdin. Fall 1974 pdf. p16.

Its Russia Who Heeds our G.B.S. E. E. Arctier. Summer 1964 pdf. pp10,12.

- Phonetic Spelling According to the Russians, G.B.S. and Spelling Reformers. Abraham Tauber. Spring 1966 pdf. pp7,8.

- Simplicity of Orthography Makes for Beauty of Speech and Ease of Writing. G. Rowell. Spring 1966 pdf. pp8,9.

- The History of Spelling Reform in Russia. J.E. Chappell, Jr. Fall 1971 pdf. pp12-14.

Language Reform in the Netherlands. H. Bonnema. Fall 1972 pdf. pp14,15.

- Spelling Reforms in Dutch. J.A.L. Vaernewijck. Fall 1973 pdf. pp14,15.

- Spelling Reform in the Netherlands. W.Van Oosten. Fall 1973 pdf. p15.

- Spelling and Spelling Reform in the Netherlands. B.C. Damsteegt. Fall 1976 pdf. pp9-15.

Simplifying the Arabic Language. Winter 1972 pdf. p1.

- Book Review. Toward Simplification and Modernization of Arabic. F. Tarazi. Revew by I.K. Poonawala. Winter 1974 pdf. pp17,18.

A Glance Toward Norway. H. Bonnema. Winter 1971 pdf. pp11-13.

The Story of Spelling Reform in Turkey. G.Hildreth. Spring 1972 pdf. pp2-5.

Néos, a magazine devoted to reforming French Spelling. translated by I. Darreg. Spring 1974 pdf. pp16-19.

The Historic Portuguese Spelling Reform. R. Mayhew. Spring 1975 pdf. pp5,6.

The Special Problems of the Hebrew Spelling Reform. W. Weinberg. Fall 1975 pdf. pp2-7.

The Development of Danish Orthography. M. Jansen & T. Harpøth. Summer 1977 pdf. pp6-8.

The history of Spanish orthography. I.Páez Urdaneta. Fall 1982. pp8-12.