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- The Parable of the Flies. R.D. Owen. Mar 1961 pdf. p19.

- Numeric Reform in Nescioubia. C.H. Grandgent. Fall 1964 pdf. pp5,6.

- Gullible's Adventures in Crazyland. Howie Gona Soundit. Summer 1965 pdf. pp14,15.

- Teaching Rover to Read. Brenna Lorenz. Spring 1970 pdf. p3.

- A Tragic Tale. David Donaldson. Spring 1973 pdf. p4.

- Mark Twain on Simplified Spelling. Fall 1975 pdf. pp10,11.

- What is a Cow? (for advanced students of English or engineers). Fall 1975 pdf. p11.

Phonics etc. See Fonics.

Phonemic Spelling Council.

- Phonemic Spelling Council, successor to Simpler Spelling Association. Winter 1972 pdf. p20.

- Phonemic Spelling Council announcement. Spring 1973 pdf. p18.

- I.R.A. - Phonemic Spelling Council Convention Institute. Spring 1974 pdf. p1

- Meeting notice. I.R.A. - Phonemic Spelling Council. Winter 1975 pdf. p1

Talks given at the annual meeting of the Educational Records Bureau:

- Introductory remarks. R.S. Levine. Spring 1978 pdf. p2.

- An Alternative Initial Learning Medium, World English Spelling. G. Dewey. Spring 1978 pdf. pp3-5.

- The Time Has Come. G.H. Baird. Spring 1978 pdf. pp5-7.

- Problems and Promises in Reading Instruction. B.B. Sparkman. Spring 1978 pdf. pp7-9.

- Phonemic Spelling Council, successor to Simpler Spelling Association. Spring 1978 pdf. p1.

Poems and Stories.

illustrating the oddities of English. See Poems and Limericks.

- The Chaos Language. T.S.W. Fall 1965 pdf. p15. and see full version Journal 17.

- Poems in Frank le Feu's scheme, Eurospelling.

Problems caused by poor literacy.

- Illiteracy, Its Cause and Cure. R. Deans. Jun 1962 pdf. pp4,5.

- Spelling, Reading and Delinquency. J. Chwast. Oct 1962 pdf. pp7-9.

- If You Have Tears. S.C. Seegay. Oct 1962 pdf. p26.

- Our Ten Million Obsolescent Men. D.H. Russell. Mar 1963 pdf. pp7,8.
Comment H Bowyer. Mar 1963 pdf. pp8,9.

- The Reading Problem and the National Interest. A.S. Trace, Jr. Dec 1963 pdf. pp2-6.

- The Stupidity Problem. Reading problems for low IQ. Harper's Magazine. J. Fischer. Revew by H. Bonnema. Dec 1963 pdf. pp12,13.

- The Babes of '64. H. Bowyer. Mar 1964 pdf. pp6,7,14.

- Let's Face the Future Now. H. Bowyer. Spring 1966 pdf. pp5,6.

- Random Thoughts on Language Simplification. C.K.H. Chen. Summer 1966 pdf. p4.

- The Slow Learner, Reading Ability, and English Spelling. A. Tauber. & J.T. Golden. Winter 1968 pdf. pp2-4.

- What Happens in Grade One? H.E. Bowyer. Summer 1969 pdf. p14.

- Direct Consequences of Serious Reading Problems in the Schools. H. Barnard. Fall 1972 pdf. p7.

- Causes for the common mistakes in English. K. Pushpanadham. Spring 1973 pdf. pp5,6.

- The Summer Reading Course. G. S. Mudambadithaya. Spring 1973 pdf. p6.

- Reading Failures, Dropouts, Delinquency & Crime, part I. N.W. Tune. Fall 1973 pdf. pp2-5,18.

- Reading Failures, Dropouts, Delinquency & Crime, part II. N.W. Tune. Winter 1973 pdf. pp6-9,20.

- The Causes of Illiteracy & Recommendations for Action. V. Yule. Winter 1975 pdf. pp3-10.

- Illiteracy. Is English Spelling a Significant Factor? M. Chaplin. SSS Conf paper. Winter 1975. pp11,12,16.

- Illiteracy: a short cut to crime. C.M. Phillips. Summer 1976. p1.

- Causes of Crime - 1: Illiteracy and its Roots. H. Barnard. Fall 1976 pdf. pp16-18,15.

- Frustration, the Basic Roadblock to Lerning and Teaching. H. Barnard. Winter 1976 pdf. pp19,20.

- The Three F's of Education - Frustration, Fear, Failure'. H. Barnard. Spring 1977 pdf. pp16-18.

- Those Dropping Test Scores. H. Barnard. Summer 1977 pdf. pp12,13.

- The Right to Read and Write. R.E. Laurita. Winter 1977 pdf. p2.

- Illiteracy and the Navy. Vice Admiral J.D. Watkins. Winter 1977 pdf. pp14,15,20,1.

- Why Some Blacks are Successful and Others are Failures. I.J. Martin. Summer 1978 pdf. pp2-9.

- English Orthography: a Case of Psychological Child Abuse. A.Citron. Fall 1978. pp2-5.

- Causes of Failure in the Schools. I. & N.W. Tune. Summer 1980. p1.

- Arson and other Crimes. H. Barnard. Winter 1980 pdf. pp6-9.

- Violence and disruption in the classroom. S.I. Connor. Spring 1981 pdf. p1

- A Letter to Grandpa. T.A. Dropout. Spring 1981. p20.
- A reply to Timmie A. Dropout. H. Barnard. Spring 1982. p20.
- Timmie's Reply (2nd letter) to Gramps. H. Barnard. Fall 1983. p19.

Problems with English spelling.

- An Analysis of Spelling Errors, a new Slant. N.W. Tune. Mar 1961 pdf. pp2-5.

- Some Thoughts on the Best Method of Teaching Reading. N.W. Tune. Jun 1961 pdf. p5.

- This Pore Ol' Mixed-up Alphabet. J. Black, E.C. Henderson. Jun 1961 pdf. pp13-15.

- all - or nothing - for johnny. s.c. seegay. Dec 1961 pdf. pp16,17.

- Tomorrow's Illiterates. Revew. H. Bowyer. Mar 1962 pdf. pp17-22.

- Thoze Spelling Deemuns. R.D. Owen. Mar 1962 pdf. pp23-25.

- The Corpse in the Ivy Towers. V.N. Crasnoff. Mar 1962 pdf. pp26-28.

- Wy Jonnie Cant Spel. F.W. Davids. Dec 1962 pdf. p4.

- I Wish I knew the Rule. 'i before e'. J.P. Shepard. Dec 1962 pdf. p21.

- Writing English Around the World. H.V. Bonnema. Mar 1963 pdf. pp13-15.

- Can We Catch Up With Russian Education. C. Hotson. Jun 1963 pdf. pp6,7.

- This Side of the Sun. R.F. Phat Greattinger. Jun 1963 pdf. p19.

- How Does One Learn to Read? N.W. Tune. Mar 1964 pdf. pp8-10.

- Reviews of New Books. Spell it Right. H. Shaw. Revew by H. Bowyer. Summer 1964 pdf. p22.

- Our Double-track Language. L.H. Boyle. Summer 1967 pdf. pp7-9.

- English has more Rime than Reason. J.L. Julian. Summer 1967 pdf. p12.

- Learning to Spell. J. O'Connor. Summer 1968 pdf. pp16,17.

- Is Remedial Reading Necessary? R.E. Laurita. Fall 1968 pdf. pp4,5.

- One of our Three R's is in Trouble - an Answer to What's Wrong with our Three R's. N.W. Tune. Winter 1968 pdf. pp5-8.

- Book Reviews. The Sound Patterns of English. N. Chomsky & M. Halle. Revew by I. Darreg. Winter 1968 pdf. p15,16.

- Toward Mastery of Spelling. M. Johnson. Fall 1971 pdf. pp5,6.

- Reasoning, Rhetoric and 'Rithmetic - the Essential 3 R's. William W. Murphy. Fall 1971 pdf. pp6,15.

- The Quelling Fear of Wording. D.N. Everingham. Spring 1972 pdf. pp1,16.

- Is: Improvement in Reading a Major Goal of Schools? H. Barnard. Spring 1972 pdf. pp8,9.

- The Consequences of Serious Reading Problems, for the child, the school, and society. H. Barnard. Spring 1972 pdf. pp9,10.

- Basic Problems in Education: Reading, Spelling & Communication. H. Barnard. Winter 1972 pdf. pp4,10.

- Reading Instruction: Chaotic or Utopian. E.A. Betts. Winter 1972 pdf. pp7-10.

- Can a child be taught to spell? C.E. Lutkin. Spring 1976 pdf. p1.

- One Alphabet for Reading and Writing English. G. Hildreth. Spring 1977 pdf. pp10,11.

- Why Johnny Still Can't Learn to Read. N.W. Tune. Summer 1977 pdf. p13.

- It's Easy to Speak, Tough to Write Right. S.J. Harris. Summer 1979 pdf. p13.

- Linguistic and Cultural Perspectives on Spelling Irregularity. J.G. Barnitz. Winter 1980 pdf. pp10-13.
Comments. J. Pitman. D.C. Scragg. N.W. Tune. Winter 1980 pdf. pp13,14.
Reply: Spelling Irregularity, Spelling Reform, and Learning to Read Meaningfully, a Commentary. J.G. Barnitz. Summer 1981 pdf. pp2,20.

- Summary of Ten Disasters to English Literacy. J. Pitman. Winter 1981 pdf. pp17-18.