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Reform needed? Arguments against and for.

- English is More Than Just English. E. Boer. Jun 1963 pdf. pp8,9.
Reply. But English Is English First of All. E.E. Arctier. Jun 1963 pdf. pp9,10.

- Book Reviews. Reading Without Dick and Jane. A.S. Trace, Jr. by H. Bowyer. Summer 1965 pdf. pp19,20.

- Those Repeated Objections to Spelling Reform. D. Cowell. Fall 1967 pdf. pp15-17.

- On English Spelling. W.J. Reed. Winter 1967 pdf. pp12,13.

- The Case Against Spelling Reform. G. Dewey. Spring 1968 pdf. pp14-16.

- A Headmaster's Report. W.J. Reed. Summer 1969 pdf. p15.

- Why Johnny Can't Spell. M. Vandenburgh. Fall 1969 pdf. pp11,12.

- Half a Loaf is Better than no Bread at all! L.G. Davis. Winter 1969 pdf. pp9,1.

- Upsetting the Alphabet Cart - a Rejoinder. H. Bowyer. Spring 1970 pdf. pp11,12.

- Factors which have hitherto led to Failure of Attempts to Reform English Spelling, (essay). W.J. Reed. Fall 1972 pdf. pp6-13.

- The Problems Before us in Reforming our Spelling. T.R. Lounsbury. Winter 1972 pdf. pp11-15.

- Spelling and Spelling Reform: Arguments Pro and Con. V. Yule. Spring 1976 pdf. pp11-20.

- Some Technical and Social Problems of Spelling Reform. G. Turner. Summer 1976 pdf. pp2-5.

- The Scholarly Case Agenst Spelling Reform: Does it Exist? M. O'Connor. Summer 1976 pdf. pp6-9.

- The Case for English Spelling Reform. G. Hildreth. Summer 1976 pdf. p18.

- A Condensed Summary of Reasons For and Against Orthographic Simplification. H. Barnard. Summer 1977 pdf. pp14,15.

- A New Perspective of English Orthography and its Effect upon Speech to Print Relationships. R.E. Laurita. Winter 1977 pdf. pp3-10.

- Let's Write What We Say. C. Gerras. Spring 1978 pdf. p1.

- The Key to Better Education. B. Johns. Fall 1978 pdf. pp11-14.

- Is there evidence for Chomsky's interpretation of English spelling? V. Yule. Winter 1978 pdf. pp10-12.

- Cultural Lag and Prematurity; The Case of English Spelling. K.H. Ives. Spring 1979 pdf. pp17,18.

- The Etymological Argument FOR Spelling Reform. V. Yule. Winter 1980 pdf. pp4.

- Assimilation vs. Etymology. R. Seysmith. Winter 1980 pdf. p5.

- I Luv U. Abraham F. Citron. Winter 1981 pdf. pp11-14.

- Two Problems for English Spelling Reformers. T.R. Hofmann. Fall 1983. p19.

Reform: how to achieve it.

- Some Thoughts on How to Proceed in Overcoming the Present Resistances to a New Phonetic Alphabet. G.J. Hecht, Publisher, Parents Mag. Dec 1962 pdf. p17.

- Potential Advantages and Logical Procedures in Spelling Reform. L. Davis. Dec 1962 pdf. pp19,20.

- Progress during 1962. Dec 1962 pdf. p20.

- Language Engineering. What it could do for us. I. Darreg. Dec 1963 pdf. pp7-11.

- Illiteracy - Its Cause and Cure. R. Deans. Spring 1968 pdf. pp11,12.

- The Real Problem of Spelling Reform. N.W. Tune. Summer 1970 pdf. pp5,18.

- Ways the I.R.A. can Encourage Orthographic Reform. H. Bonnema - an interview with M. Black, President Elect, I.R.A. Summer 1972 pdf. pp11-13.

- Spelling Reform: Not only Why, but Which, When, How, Where, and by Whom. N.W. Tune. Fall 1978 pdf. pp9,10.

- The Key to Better Education. B.M. Johns. Fall 1978 pdf. pp13-16.

- To Whom it May Concern. L.G. Davis. Fall 1978 pdf. p15.

- Let us be Practical about Spelling Reform. V. Yule. Spring 1979 pdf. pp7-9.

- How to Implement Spelling Reform. V. Yule. Fall 1980. pp10-12.

- Could Adoption of the Metric System Serve as a Model for Spelling Reform? L. Hirsch. Winter 1981 pdf. pp2-4.

- A Transition to Improved Spelling for Learners and Literate Adults. V. Yule. Winter 1981 pdf. pp14-17.

- Spelling reform in international perspective. J. Mosterín. Fall 1982. pp12-14.

- Settle Your Differences - in Unity There is Strength. E. Rondthaler. Fall 1983. p9.

Reform schemes and criteria.

- Teaching Experiments. World English. N.W. Tune. Mar 1961 pdf. pp6-10.

- A Free Offer. Mrs. E. Blaine. (Blaine Phonetic Alphabet Typewriter.) Mar 1961 pdf. p17.

- The Seven Deadly Sins of Spelling Reformers. N.W. Tune. Dec 1961 pdf. p16.

- Some Additions to the 7 Deadly Sins of Spelling Reformers. Davis, Wingfield and Co. Mar 1962 pdf. p31.

- Some Thoughts on Spelling Reform. A. Eagle. and reply E.E. Arctier. Jun 1962 pdf. p21,22,27.

- On English Pronunciation, Say Now Shibboleth. C. Hotson. Oct 1962 pdf. p27.

- Selecting Alphabet Symbols for English Speech Sounds. Comparison of 28 schemes. S. Seegay, N.W. Tune. Mar 1963 pdf. pp20-23.

- Skeemz ov Speling Reform. E. Jones. 1881. Mar 1963 pdf. pp23,24.

- Review of New Books. Torskript. V.P. Paulsen. Revew N.W. Tune. Dec 1963 pdf. p23.

- What Kind of a Spelling Reform Should we Strive to Obtain. A Wijk. Mar 1964 pdf. p15.

- A Minimal Change System of Spelling Reform. N.W. Tune. Mar 1964 pdf. pp18-23.

- The Role of Superflous letters in Limited Spelling Reform Systems. J.E. Chappell. Spring 1965 pdf. pp11,12.

- Teaching English Speech with PRAC in the Philippines. Faith M. Daltry. Summer 1965 pdf.

- Let's Have Effective Phonics. M. Vandenburgh. Spring 1966 pdf. pp10-12.

- Criteria for Designing a Phonetic Alphabet. N.W. Tune. Spring 1966 pdf. pp16-18.

- The American Fonetik Alfabet with changes proposed by Newell W. Tune. Spring 1966 pdf. p19.

- A Minimal Change System of Spelling Reform. F.T. Du Feu. Spring 1966 pdf. p23.

- Steps Toward a New English Alphabet. G. Hildreth. Summer 1966 pdf. p9,10.

- Braud Inglish Spelling. 'Chychse T. Psikhss'. Summer 1966 pdf. p10.

- Rules for Spelling in Anglic. Winter 1966 pdf. p23.

- Quikscript - a means of shortening the time and labour of writing and printing. K. Read. Spring 1967 pdf. pp6-8.

- Book Reviews. Wurld Inglish. H.S. Wilkinson. Revew by N.W. Tune. Fall 1967 pdf. p22.

- On Devising a Minimal Change System of Simplified Spelling. F.T. Du Feu. Winter 1967 pdf. pp13,14.

- Sprechspur - a Means of Writing More Easily. G. Hildreth. Fall 1968 pdf. pp7-9.

- Book Reviews. Spelling Reform - a new Approach. H. Lindgren. Revew by D. Everingham. Winter 1969 pdf. pp11,12.

- Nonsense Prose as a Test of the Efficiency of a Fonetic Spelling System. N.W. Tune. Spring 1970 pdf. p9.

- A Gradual Means of Making a Minimal Change in our Spelling. N.W. Tune. Spring 1970 pdf. pp16-18.

- Voluntary Reform. Provurbial Jorje. Spring 1970 pdf. p20.

- A Guide for Spelling Reformers. N.W. Tune. Spring 1971 pdf. pp3,1.

- What Must We Change? G. Stevenson. Spring 1971 pdf. p18.

- Introspection or Retrospection. N.W. Tune. Spring 1971 pdf. p17.

- To All Spelling Reformers - Regimen Essentiale. N.W. Tune. Winter 1971 pdf. pp13,18.

- Letters: On i.t.m.'s and Spelling Reform. B. Russell. Fall 1973 pdf. p19.

- Some Principles Governing any Intended Improvement of the Visible language of English. J. Pitman. Spring 1975 pdf. pp2-4.

- Which Way in Spelling Reform? G.H. Hildreth. Spring 1975 pdf. pp14-16.

- Logic and Good Judgement needed in Selecting the Symbols to Represent the Sounds of Spoken English. N.W. Tune. Summer 1977 pdf. p11.

- Criteria for Selecting a System of Reformed Spelling for a Permanent Reform. N.W. Tune. Summer 1977 pdf. pp11,12.

- *LIFE*, a Practical Course in Communications for International Use. H. Barnard, (*Lojical International Fonetic English*). Fall 1977 pdf. pp8-10. Winter 1981 pdf. p20.

- The Essential Requirements for a Reformed Spelling. W. Gassner. Fall 1978 pdf. pp16-18.

- Which Reformed Spelling is the Easiest to Learn? N.W. Tune. Spring 1979 pdf. pp18,19.

- Reaction to Ives' 'Acceptability of Proposed Spelling Reforms'. H.B. Bisgard. Summer 1979 pdf. p1.

- Desiderata. [criteria for an I.L.M.] J. Pitman. Summer 1979 pdf. pp4-6.

- Acceptability of Proposed Spelling Reforms. Summer 1979 pdf. pp14,15. Questionnaire. Summer 1979 pdf. p16.

- Acceptable to Whom? How Progressives and Reformers View Spelling Reform. K.H. Ives. Fall 1979 pdf. pp17.

- A Practical Approach to Spelling Reform. W. F. Cook. Spring 1980. pp18,19.

- Is Spelling Reform Feasible? E.M. Oakensen. Summer 1980. pp2-6.

- Some proposed Principles for Simplifying English Orthography. J.R. Beech. Summer 1980. pp7-13.

- In Defence of Conservatism in English Orthography. P.T. Smith. Summer 1980. pp14-17.

- Spelling Reform & the Psychological Reality of English Spelling Rules. R. Baker. Summer 1980. pp17-20.

- A Transitional Spelling Reform for Adults and Learners. V. Yule. Fall 1980. pp7-10.

- The Sensible Solution to Simplified Spelling: One Sound=One Symbol. H.V. Jamieson. Fall 1980. pp15,16.

- Principles for an Economy Spelling System. K.H. Ives. Winter 1980 pdf. pp18-20.

- Etymological Arguments FOR Spelling Reform. V. Yule. Fall 1981 pdf. pp7-9.

- The Possibilities of Change in English Orthography. T.R. Hofmann. Fall 1981 pdf. pp11-13.

- A Discussion of SR-2 and On. N.W. Tune. Winter 1981 pdf. p10.

- A Proposal for the Implementation of a Rationalized Form of English Spelling. H. Barnard. Winter 1981 pdf. pp18,19.

- WES, NS5, RIT, TO. A. Rupert. Summer 1982. p20. WES, NS6, TO, Script, RIT. Spring 1983. p20.

- A Fully Planned Program for the Implementation of Spelling Reform. H. Barnard. Winter 1982. p1.

- The Principles of Reforming Our Spelling. E.V. Starrett. Winter 1983. pp2-8.

Reform schemes.

L.G. Davis.

- An Interesting Letter. Jun 1961 pdf. pp15,16.

- Reviews of New Books. k-a-t spelz cat. Revew by N.W. Tune. Dec 1963 pdf. p24.

- Davis-McGuffey Fonetik First Reader. Revew by D. Court. Winter 1966 pdf. p24.

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- Book Reviews. stAbul ingush. Revew by N.W. Tune. Summer 1969 pdf. p17.

- Three Phonetic Dictionaries incl. The Presto Word Finder. Revew by N.W. Tune. Winter 1969 pdf. p12.

- Digrafs & Dipthongs in Stable Inglish. Comments. H.B. Bisgard. Fall 1979 pdf. pp18,19.

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N.W. Tune. Will The Step-by-Step Reform Plan Produce A Satisfactory Simplified Spelling System? Winter 1983. pp9,10.

Reform scheme and/or ITM: World English Spelling:

- Suggested Criteria for an Initial Teaching Medium for English. G. Dewey. Mar 1964. pdf pp11-13.

- A Phonemic Notation as an Initial Teaching Medium. G. Dewey. Summer 1964 pdf. pp17,18.

- Initial Teaching Orthographies. G. Dewey. Summer 1969 pdf. pp9-12.

- Book Reviews. Three Phonetic Dictionaries incl. World English Spelling. (WES) Dictionary. G. Dewey. Revew by N.W. Tune. Winter 1969 pdf. p12.

- Readability - an analysis of what it is. N.W. Tune. Summer 1970 pdf. pp17,18.

- Obscure Events in History: Anecdotes from Harry Veenstra's Autobiography. in WES. Summer 1973 pdf. pp3-5.

- Musings of a Malcontented Maverick. H.D. Fiske. Summer 1973 pdf. pp6,7.

- Webster-Dewey Dynamic Dictionary (Proposed). H.D. Fiske. Summer 1973 pdf. pp8,9.

- Tuward a Moer Piktueresk Speech, transliterated into a modified W.E. Fall 1974 pdf. p7.

- Th' Watermelon Hound. N.W. Tune. Fall 1976 pdf. p8.

- boihuud difficultyz in the 1890'z. H.M. Veenstra (transliterated by Helen Bonnema Bisgard). Winter 1976 pdf. pp9-12.

- An Explanation of Vowels Followed by /r/ in World English Spelling (I.L.M.), Compiled by H. Bonnema Bisgard. Summer 1977 pdf. p16.

Reform Scheme Paid Advertizements.

- Torkskript. Mar 1964 pdf.

- Leo. G. Davis. Fall 1965 pdf. p22. Winter 1965 pdf. p24. Winter 1966 pdf. p24. Summer 1967 pdf. p24. Fall 1967. p24 pdf. stAbul inglish: Summer 1969 pdf. p20. Fall 1969. p20 pdf.

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- Zonic Spelling Service. Summer 1968 pdf. p20. Fall 1968 pdf. p20. Winter 1968 pdf. p20. Spring 1969 pdf. p20.

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- RIT, a new Logical Spelling System for our Kids. Spring 1973 pdf. pp19,20

- 'Sensubul Speling' "Sensubul English Speling Dikshuneri". Fall 1973 pdf. p20.

- Reviizing dhe English Orthography. Fall 1974 pdf. p20.

- NS8 Reading Practice. Arnold Rupert. Fall 1983. p20.