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Shaw and the Shaw Alfabet.

- The G.B. Shaw Contest Alphabet. P. MacCarthy. Dec 1962 pdf. p6.

- G. B. Shaw on Language, ed. A. Tauber. Revew by N.W. Tune. Mar 1964 pdf. p17.

- Its Russia Who Heeds our G.B.S. E. E. Arctier. Summer 1964 pdf. pp10,12.

- Phonetic Spelling According to the Russians, G.B.S. and Spelling Reformers. Abraham Tauber. Spring 1966 pdf. pp7,8.

- Devising the Shaw-Script. Kingsley Read. Summer 1966 pdf. p11.

- Oh! (P)shaw. G. Dewey. Fall 1966 pdf. p7.

- G.B.S. and i.t.a. A. Tauber. & R.S. Tauber. Fall 1968 pdf. pp9,10.

- How to Save Time, Space and Material in Writing. K. Read. Spring 1970 pdf.

- GBS and the ABC. B. Smoker. Summer 1970 pdf. pp2-4.

- George Bernard Shaw and the Alphabet. Summer 1972 pdf. p1.

- The Problem of a Common Language. G.B. Shaw. Spring 1979 pdf. pp5,6.

- George Bernard Shaw on Spelling Reform. N.W. Tune. Spring 1979 pdf. p6.

- Correspondence of G. B. Shaw relative to Simplification and Rationalization of Spelling - a letter to Robert Bridges. Fall 1979 pdf. pp3,4.

Shorthand. Sprechspur.

- Must Shorthand Die Out? E. Lotzing. Summer 1966 pdf. p11.

- Sprechspur - a Means of Writing More Easily. G. Hildreth. Fall 1968 pdf. pp7-9.

Simplified Spelling Society.

- Notices: AGM. Fall 1967 pdf. p1. Summer 1972 pdf. p20.

- Progress on the Spelling Reform Front. A. Tauber. Winter 1967 pdf. p1.

- Duke of Edinburgh Interview. Richard Baker, BBC. Spring 1970 pdf. pp2,3.

- Ex Post Facto Deliberatio. A.L. James. (Written as a preface to the 5th edition of New Spelling, by Walter Ripman & William Archer, 1940.) Addendum by J. Pitman. Summer 1971 pdf. pp4,5.

- SSS resolution to the Secretary of State, Dept of Education and Science. W. Reed. Summer 1971 pdf. p1.

First International Conference.

- Announcement. Spring 1975. p18.

- Illiteracy. Is English Spelling a Significant Factor? M. Chaplin. Winter 1975. pp11,12,16.

- Spelling and Parliament. W.J. Reed. Winter 1975. pp13-16.

- Proceedings of the 1975 Conference. Summer 1976. p5. and Publication. Spring 1977. p1.

- Light at the End of the Tunnel. E. Rondthaler. Fall 1977. pp15-19.

- Essential Requirements for Reformed Spelling. Dr. W. Gassner. Fall 1978.

- Toward a Spelling Reform. A.J. Mazurkiewicz. Winter 1980. pp14-16.

- Possibilities of a Useful Pasigraphy. Prof. T. Hofmann. Fall 1981.

Second International Conference.

- Announcements. Fall 1976 pdf. p1. Spring 1977. p1. Fall 1977 pdf. p1. Fall 1979. p1. Winter 1979. p1.

- Proceedings. V. Yule & F. McBride. Winter 1979. pp2,3. Report. Spring 1980. pp1,15. Program. Spring 1980. p2. Abstracts of the papers presented. Spring 1980. pp2-5. Foto of participants. Summer 1980. p13. Fotos. Fall 1980. pp2,3.

- Traditional Orthography as Psychic Child Abuse. Dr. Abraham F. Citron. Fall 1978. pp2-5.

- Language, Orthography and the Schwa. Dr. Katherine P. Betts. Fall 1979. pp11-16.
Appendix: List of 54 Orthographies 1974. Dr. Emmett A. Betts. Fall 1979. pp16,17.

- Modern Technology and Spelling Reform. Dr. Helen B. Bisgard. Winter 1979. p4,5.

- Graphic R. Dr. Emmett A. Betts. Winter 1979. pp6-18.

- Analogy in English Spelling. Dr. D.G. Scragg. Winter 1979. pp19,20.

- Conclusion and Comments. Plans for the next conference in 1981. Valerie Yule. Winter 1979. pp2,3.

- The Right to Read. Dr. Axel Wijk. Spring 1980. pp6-8.

- Research on Spelling Reform. Dr. John Downing. Spring 1980. pp8-9.

- The Effects of a Simplified Spelling on Children Readiness to Read. Dr. Derek Thackray. Spring 1980. pp10-12.

- A Pedagogical Purview of Orthography. George O'Halloran. Spring 1980. pp13-15.

- A Multisensory Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Spelling. Alun Bye. Spring 1980. pp18-19.

- Is Spelling Reform Feasible? with Appendices. Mrs. Elsie Oakensen. Summer 1980. pp2-6.

- Some Proposed Principles for Simplifying English Orthography. Dr. John R. Beech. Summer 1980. pp7-13]

- Spelling Reform and The Psychological Reality of English Spelling Rules. Dr. Robert Baker. Summer 1980. pp17-20.

- The Cultural Impediments of English Orthography. Vic. Paulsen. Fall 1980. pp.4-7.

- A Transitional Spelling Reform for Adults and Learners. Valerie Yule. Fall 1980. pp7-10.

- Ess Ess Ess/Fonik/. S.S. Eustace. Fall 1980. pp16,17.

- Reading and Writing in English. S. Bakowski. Fall 1980. p14.

- One Sound-One Symbol: the Sensible Solution to Simplified Spelling. Hugh V. Jamieson. Fall 1980. pp15,16.

- How to Implement Spelling Reform. Valerie Yule. Fall 1980. pp10-12.

- In Defence of Conservatism in English Spelling. Dr. Philip Smith. Summer 1980. pp14-17

- Patterns in Pupils' Spelling Errors. Dr. David Moseley. Winter 1980. pp17,18.

- Phonographic Relationships in English Spelling and their Implications. Fergus McBride. Not available.

- On the Choice of the Right Symbol. Dr. Walter Gassner. Not available.

SSS 3rd International Conference 1981.

- Fall 1980. p1. Winter 1980 pdf. p1. Summer 1981 pdf. p1. Fall 1981 pdf. p1. Winter 1981 pdf. p1.

Spring 1982.

- Proceedings. V. Yule. pp2-4. Index. p4.

- What the Conference hoped to Achieve. p5. The Spelling Exhibition. p5.

- Message from H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, Patron of the SSS. p6.

- Cognitive Processes in Spelling & their Relevance to Spelling Reform. U. Frith. pp6-9.

- Psychological Processes in Spelling Recognition and Production. P.H.K. Seymour. pp9,10.

- Spelling Errors Made by 8-11 year old Pupils. B. Smith. pp10-12.

- The Spelling of Nasal Clusters by Dyslexic & Normal Children. M. Snowling. pp13-18.

- Spelling Errors Made by Phonologically Disordered Children. P. Robinson, R. Beresford, B. Dodd. pp19,20.

Fall 1982.

- Spelling difficulty in school leavers and adults. D. Perin. pp2-4.

- The principles of Esperanto spelling. S. Campbell. pp4,5.

- Teaching English in Francophone Africa. H. Niedzielski. pp5-7.

- The history of Spanish orthography. I. Páez Urdaneta. pp8-12.

- Spelling reform in international perspective. J. Mosterín. pp12-14.

- Computer translation of shorthand. C.P. Brooks. pp15-20.

- Spelling Reform - Let's be practical. J. Downing. p20.

Winter 1982.

- A Fully Planned Program for the Implementation of Spelling Reform. H. Barnard. p1.

- Semantic aspects of spelling reform. N. Brown. pp2,3.

- How to reconcile conflicting principles for a reformed English spelling. W. Gassner. pp4-6.

- An account of the 'English Maximally Simplified Writing? V.A. Vassilyev. pp7-10.

- A research developed reform for English spelling. V. Yule. pp10-13.

- Commercial and marketing considerations when developing orthographic reform. C.J.H. Jolly. pp14,15.

- Spelling: what road to reform? G. O'Halloran. pp15-17.

- The inevitability of change: the happy alternative. H. Barnard. pp17-19,1.

Spring 1983.

- Authors' index of papers. p1.

- Spelling Reform as a Redistribution of Power. A.P. Citron. pp2-6.

- An Experimental Study of Attitudes Towards English Spelling Reform. R.G. Baker. pp6-11.

- The Effects of Spelling Change on the Adult Reader. J.R. Beech. pp11-18.

Speech and pronunciation.

- An Introduction to the Pronunciation of the English Language. A. Wijk. Fall 1966 pdf. pp13-19.
Book review by N.W. Tune. Fall 1966 pdf. p19.

- The Necessity for an Uniform Accurate Pronunciation of the English Language. E.C. Henderson. Summer 1969 pdf. pp2-6.

- Pronunciation in the Past, a historical pronouncing vocabulary. S. S. Eustace. Summer 1972 pdf. pp18,19.

- For Beauty in Speech. D. Adler. Fall 1972 pdf. pp17,18.

- Language, Speech, and Writing. W.N. Francis. Summer 1974 pdf.

- The Study of Speech Sounds. E.A. Betts. Winter 1975 pdf. pp17,18.

- Speech and Word Perception. E.A. Betts. Summer 1978 pdf. p1.