These articles are now all on-line, mainly in pdf files.

Spelling Progress Bulletin.

Spelling Reform: A Comprehensive Survey of the Advantages, Educational Benefits, and Obstacles to Adoption.

Anthology: the best of SPB, edited by Newell W. Tune.
Publisht by Spelling Progress Bulletin, California, second edition, July 1982.
Approximately 150 articles, 300pp, in themed sections.
See Contents list, Index by authors.

Spelling Progress Bulletins.

Quarterly issues, 1961-1983, edited by Newell W. Tune, each approx. 20pp.
Published by SPB, California.
Articles by UK, US and other authors, with papers from SSS conferences.
See Contents list, Article riters, and Index of topics covered.

Spelling Progress Quarterly.

1984-1987, Editor Walter B. Barbe, each 12-16pp.
SSS has only 7 issues. There may have been more.
See Contents list.

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