Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

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Damper, R I. Problems of English spelling in human-computer interaction J1 1985 p7.

Davies, C. See Newsletters.

- Spelling and Literacy in Finnish J25 1999/1 pp11-15.

Deans, R. Inventor of Britic by Lung R. J5 1987/2 pp25-27. See Anthology, Bulletins.

Deodhekar, G. See Pamflet 14.

- The foreign learner's view of English spelling J1 1985 pp6-7.

Deodhekar, G. tribute by Upward C. J22 1997/2 p10.

Dewey, G. (1969) See Pamflet, Anthology, Bulletins.

- How Phonemic is English Spelling? J32 2003/1 pp12-14.

Dickens, C. Cockney spellings in 'The Pickwick Papers' J7 1988/1 p35.

Doval, S. The Galician Spelling Problem J20 1996/1 pp24-25.

Dowling, T. Can U spell OK? Absolutely Britannia J25 1999/1 p30.

Downing, J. See Newsletters, Anthology, Bulletins.

- Transfer of skill in language functions J5 1987/2 pp5-12, reprinted J28 2000/2 pp3-11.

Downing, John tribute by Upward C. J6 1987/3 p6.

- John Downing Award J10 1989/1 p35.