Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

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Hadley, P. Memories of the SSS 50 Years Ago J12 1992/1 pp23-24.

Hamilton, M. 'Literacy, Numeracy & Adults' ALBSU report review by Upward C. J8 1988/2 p33.

Hanks, P. Conventionality & Efficiency in Written English: The Hyphen. J8 1988/2 pp5-10

- Feasibility of reform discussion with Upward, C. J8 1988/2 pp24-26

Harrison, M. See Bulletins.

- History of Simplified Spelling Society up to 1970. (Previously published as Pamflet 11.) J3 1986/2 pp22-25.

Hawkins, J A. on English in ed. Comrie, B. 'The World's Major Languages' review by Upward J8 1988/2 P33.

Herbert, H W. Spelling Reform Now J2 1986 pp24-25.

Hoban, R. futuristic spellings in 'Riddley Walker' J7 1988/1 p35.

Hofmann, T R. See Newsletters, Bulletins.

- International requirements for spelling reform J7 1988/1 pp20-22.

- Showing Pronunciation in EFL Teaching J10 1989/1 pp13-19.

- 'Crossdialectal phonology, with application to English vowels' review by Brown, A. J14 1993/1 pp26-28.

Hutchins, J. See Newsletters.

- Wy dyslexics need simplifyd speling J10 1989/1 pp5-9.

- Strategies of adult dyslexic. J11 1989/2 p24.

- 1933 CS? J12 1992/1 p20.

- reviews Bryant, B. 'Storyspell' J14 1993/1 pp28-29.

- reviews Campbell, R, Miscue Analysis in the Classroom, J20 1996/1 p28.

- reviews Smith, B. Teaching Spelling J20 1996/1 pp28-29.

Hutchinson, G. Opposition to the german Spelling Reform J26 1999/2 pp21-23.