Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

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Lamb, B. See Newsletters.

- The Spelling Standards of Undergraduates 1997-98, J24 1998/2 pp11-17.

Lindgren, H. See Bulletins.

- Cartoons in Spelling Reform: A New Approach:
- 'Horseless carriage, showing derivation' J10 1989/1 p35.
- 'It's a lot better than horses. Need we improve it?' J11 1989/2 p35.

- Book offer J22 1997/2 p34.

Lindgren, H. Tribute by Everingham D. J14 1993/1 p35.

Little, J. See Newsletters, ALC Web link.

- The optimality of English spelling. J29 2000/1 pp4-13.

Lung, R. See Newsletters.

- Reginald Deans, Inventor of Britic J5 1987/2 pp25-27.