Index of SSS Journal authors from 1985

Author names are marked in bold for articles and in italics for articles about them and reviews by or about them.
Journals are indicated by Jnumber, year/number-in-year, page numbers, e.g. J9 1988/3 pp7-11.
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Paulesu, E. et al. Dyslexia: cultural diversity and biological unity. J29 2001/1 pp14-18.

Perera, K. 'Children's Writing & Reading' review by Jolly C. J10 1989/1 p30.

Pitman, Sir J. See Anthology, Bulletins.

Introduction to Shaw's Alfabet from the Shaw edition of Androcles and the lion J31 2002/2 pp25,26.

Pitman, Sir James tribute. Upward C. J3 1986/2 p2, see i.t.a.

Pitt, A D N. Esperanto J5 1987/2 p13.

Pomery, C. Spelling Czecher J17 1994/2 p33.

Pulcini, V. & Upward C. Italian Spelling, and how it treats English loanwords J20 1996/1 pp19-24.