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Upton, C A. & Fletcher, J M. The Use of Abbreviated English in Oxford 1483-1660 J7 1988/1 pp13-16.

Upward, C. See Newsletters, Leaflets, Media, Pamflet 15, Cut Spelng book, Papers.

Editor J1-J11 1985-89 First (British) Series.

- Journal cover words J1 1985 p2.

- Cut Spelling as a First-Stage Reform J1 1985 pp18-24.

- From round the world J3 1986/2 p14-16

- The Chaos J3 1996-2 pp17-21.

- CS debate J3 1986/2 p25.

- Mont Follick Library J4 1987/1 p18.

- Heterographs in English J4 1987/1 pp18-25.

- The House of Lords on English Spelling J5 1987/2 p4.

- Cut Speling - a linguistic universl? J5 1987/2 pp17-25.

- Postscript to The Chaos J5, 1987/2 p29.

- SSS Submission to the (Kingman) Committee of Inquiry into English Language Teaching J6 1987/3 pp8-12.

- Can Cut Speling cut mispeling? J6 1987/3 pp21-24.

- The <-ise, ize> Dilemma J6 1987/3 p32.

- Leapfrogging Webster J7 1988/1 p2.

- Can Cut Speling cut misprints? J7 1988/1 pp25-27.

- Institut für deutsche Sprache, Sprachreport 4/87 J7 1988/1 p32.

- Points of Debate: Commenting on Kingman J8, 1988/2, pp21-23.

- & Hanks, P. Discussion: Feasibility of reform J8 1988/2 pp24-26.

- reviews Hamilton M. Literacy, Numeracy & Adults. ALBSU report J8 1988/2 p33.

- reviews Hawkins J A. on English in ed. Comrie, B. The World's Major Languages J8 1988/2 p33.

- reviews Crystal D. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language J8 1988/2 pp33-34.

- reviews Mason M. Language Awareness J8 1988/2 p34.

- Conflicting Eficiency Criteria in CS-1 J9 1988/3 pp15-23.

- Conflicting Eficiency Criteria in CS-2 J10 1989/1 pp21-29.

Upward, C. English Spelling & Educational Progress review by Rondthaler J10 1989/1 p30.

- References to Spelling in ENGLISH for ages 5 to 11 (Cox report) J10 1989-1, pp32,33.

- Strategy Paper J10 1989/1 p34.

- Visual Disruption from Letter-Omission J11 1989/2 p21.

- & Gregersen E. Discussion: Morfemes & CS J11 1989/2 pp24-29.

- Kingman, Cox, the National Curriculum & Spelling: Submission to the National Curriculum Council from the SSS & UK ita Federation J11 1989/2 pp32-34.

Editor in Chief J12-19 1992-1995 Second (American) Series.

- Harmnizing Cut Spelng & New Spelling J12 1992/1 pp3-5.

- Rankng Visul Disturbnce of Letr Omissions - a Pilot Experimnt J13 1992/2 p10.

- Launchng th Cut Spelng Handbook J13 1992/2 pp11-13.

- &Yue E Li. Simplification of Chinese Characters J13 1992/2 pp14-16

- German & English Spelling Difficulty Compared research report J13 1992/2 p22.

- The Society's 1992 Submission to the National Curriculum Council J14 1993/1 pp3-9.

- reviews Brown, A. Pronunciation Models J14 1993/1 pp25-26.

- reviews Gresham, A. AgiliWriting - the readable shorthand of the English language J14 1993/1 pp29-33.

- Ilitracy in British Prisns J15, 1993/2 p7.

- reviews NFER 'Quite good' or 'totaly unacceptbl'? J15 1993/2 pp9-11.

- Revised Proposals for English in the National Curriculum J15 1993/2 pp22-24.

- SSS Response to proposals for English spelling contained in 'English for ages 5 to 16' J15 1993/2 pp25-31.

- Err analysis: som reflections on aims, methods, limitations & importnce, with a furthr demnstration. Part I J16 1994/1 pp29-33.

- Err analysis, etc, Part 2 J17 1994/2 pp21-24.

- Classic Concordance of Cacographic Chaos, introduction J17 1994/2 pp27-28.

- Dislexia & Dysability J17 1994/2 pp31-32.

- SSS Letters to Policy-Makers & Replies J18 1995/1 pp31,32

- Spelling in the National Curriculum J18 1995/1 pp33-34 + discussion, p34.

- OFSTED reports on Standards in Education 1993-94 J18 1995/1 pp35-36 + discussion, p36.

- No ansrs here yet review of ALBSU: Elkinsmyth, C. & Bynner, J. The Basic Skills of Young Adults J18 1995/1 pp37-41.

- reviews ALBSU Basic Skills in Colleges/Prison J18 1995/1 p43.

- Death of a Contemporary: RLP Dissolved J18, 1995/1 p43.

- Orthografy vs Litracy: Findngs of IEA Survey J19 1995/2 pp5-8.

- Discussion of NCE/NFER 'Standards in Literacy & Numeracy 1948-1994' J19 1995/2 p8.

- House of Lords: Reading Recovery Programme J19 1995/2 p9.

Editor in Chief J20-J28 1996-2000 Third (British) Series.

- American spellings as world standard? J20 1996/1 p2.

- Bob Brown tribute J20 1996/1 p3.

- & Pulcini, V. Italian Spelling, and how it treats English loanwords J20 1996/1 pp19-24.

- reviews Basic Skills Agency, Writing Skills: a survey of how well people can spell and punctuate J20 1996/1 pp30-33.

- The Cut Spelling Handbook, 2nd edition, foreword J20 1996/1 p34-35.

- Th Potential of Stylgides as Vehicls for Spelng Reform J21 1997/1 pp13-20.

- Report on Danish spelling reform J21 1997/1 p20.

- Institut für deutsche Sprache, Sprachreport 1996 J21 1997-1 pp22-24,36.

- Barber, Prof. M Literacy Task Force, correspondence 'Lobbying Literacy Policy Makers' J21 1997/1 p27

- Tate, N, (1997) Chief Executive, School Curriculum and Assessment Authority, (SCAA) correspondence 'Lobbying Literacy Policy Makers' J21 1997/1 p28

- American Spellings for British Schools: a submission from the Simplified Spelling Society to the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority (SCAA) J21 1997/1 pp30-32.

- Choosing between American and British spellings as standards for written English Later version of above article.

- Switzerland, loss of ß J22 1997/2 p24.

- Alarm Bels Ring for Fonics and/or Spelng Reform: analysis of UCLES mispelng survey J22 1997/2 pp26-32.

- reviews Virtuoso Orthografic Hichhiking: Zé do Rock 'fom winde ferfeelt' J23 1998/1 pp24-27.

- reviews Basic Skills Agency (March 1998) 'Survey of Adult Literacy and Numeracy Levels in every district and unitary authority in England' J23 1998/1 pp31-32.

- reviews Siobhán Carey, Sampson Low, Jacqui Hansbro (1997) 'Adult Literacy in Britain' J23 1998/1 pp32-33.

- reviews Edward Carney 'English Spelling'J23 1998/1 pp33-34.

- Overcoming orthografic frontirs, Pt.I J24 1998/2 pp18-22.

- reviews A Quartr-Century of th Queen's English Society J24 1998/2 pp31-32.

- Global Visions - Spelling Blindspot: review of Graddol G. 'The Future of English' J24 1998/2 pp32,34.

- Notes on the Decapitalization of Danish 1948 J25 1999/1 p23.

- Overcoming orthografic frontirs, Pt.II J25 1999/1 pp24-29, 30.

- summary The German Reform: Judgment by the Highest Court and a Little Local Difficulty J26 1999/2 p20.

- Anglo-Japanese Non-Dyslexia: research by Wydell/Butterworth J26 1999/2 pp30-31.

- Wat can welsh teach english?: research by Reynolds et al. J26 1999/2 pp32-34.

- Writing reform in other languages J27 2000/1 p13.

- German news agencies adopt (some) reformed spellings J27 2000/1 p23

- reviews Revlations of a Cross-Linguistic Perspectiv: Harris/Hatano 'Learning to Red and Write' J27 2000/1 pp30-33.

- reviews John Downings i.t.a. evaluation J28 2000/2 pp12-15.

Upward tribute by Bett S. J31 2002/2 p14.