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Yue E Li & Upward C. Simplification of Chinese Characters J13 1992/2 pp14-16.

Yule, V. See Book, Newsletters, Media, Personal View 10, Anthology, Bulletins, Web link.

- Literate Adults' Response to Spelling Reform. Abstract J1 1985 p7.

- reviews Ellis, A W. 'Reading, Writing & Dyslexia' J5 1987/2 pp28-29.

- English spelling & Pidgin: examples of international English spelling J6 1987/3 pp25-28.

- Style in Australia: current practices in spelling, punctuation, hyphenation, capitalisation J7 1988/1 pp28-30.

- Reply to Sue Palmer The importance of spelling for English culture J8 1988/2 pp29-31.

- reviews Rondthaler, E. 'Dictionary of Simplified American Spellings' J9 1988/3 pp32-33.

- Style Council 1988 in Melbourne Australia J10 1989/1 p31.

- Experimentl Versions of Cut Spelling - CS1 & CS2 J11 1989/2 p30.

- Children's abilities & 'Cut' spelling reform J13 1992/2 pp3-8.

- Improving English spelling for readrs J14 1993/1 pp10-18.

- Public response to surplus-cut spellings J16 1994/1 pp7-16.

- Spelling & Society: Orthography & Reading - summary of a research thesis J17 1994/2 pp13-20.

- "Teach yourself to read at home by video" - problems & promises J18 1995/1 pp11-18.

- Finding, Developing, & Testing Materials on Spelling Reform J19 1995/2 p26.

- Spelling Needs Research and Research Needs Replication J20 1996/1 pp12-13.

- Teaching Reading, and Spelling Reform J21 1997/1 pp10-12.

- International English Spelling and the Internet J23 1998/1 pp8-13.

- How people spelled when they could spell as they liked. J29 2001/1 p34.

- Its the spelling that's stupid -- not me. J30 2002/1 p4.

- English spelling and comparative literacy. J30 2002/1 p26.

- English spelling for international communication. J30 2002/1 p28.

- Could English spelling be made regular without drastic change? J32 2003/1 pp15-19.