Index of SSS Journal topics from 1985

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IBM Brown, A.R.: J19.

Icelandic spelling Rock: J26.

IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) Upward: J19.

'Illegal alphabets and adult biliteracy. Kalmer: J30.

Implementation of spelling reform Stark: J10, J11.

India See Newsletters, Deodhekar: J22, Gogate: J2, J7, J11, J15, Upward: J3, Upward: J18.

Information theory Knowles: J2.

Institut für deutsche Sprache, Sprachreport Upward: J7, Upward: J21.

Internet and spelling Kimball: J26, Yule: J23.

IRA (International Reading Association) Ives: J17.

Irish spelling Ó Laoire: J22.

-ise/-ize, The Dilemma Upward: J6.

i.t.a. (Initial Teaching Alphabet) Bell: J29, Downing: J28, Pitman: J3, Threadgall: J7, J15, Upward: J28.

Italian vs English literacy Thorstad: J13.

Italian spelling & English Loanwords Upward & Pulcini: J20.