Index of SSS Journal topics from 1985

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Serbo-Croat Knowles: J8.

Shakespeare, how to spell modern editions Kermode: J7.

Shaw Alphabet See Newsletters, Bulletins, Bett: J31, Coleman: J18, Pitman: J31, Read: (Kingsley) J23, Shaw: J31.

Shorthand Gresham J.: 14, Knowles: J2, Thomas: J16.

Simplified Spelling Society See Newsletters, Pamflets.

- 1984 resolutions Gibbs: J10.

- Conference 1985 J1, J1&2.

- Conference 1987 J3, J6, J7, J8, J9.

- Strategy Paper Upward: J10.

- Memories of the SSS 50 Years Ago Hadley: J12.

Slavonic languages Knowles: J8.

Spanish Mackenzie: J15, Upward: J5.

Speed Spelling. (SPD SPLG) See Newsletters, Citron: J1.

Spellchecking Mitton: J20, Rondthaler: J22.

Spelling Action Society See Australia.

Spelling mistakes Misspellings

Spelling poems 'Chaos, The', Ellis, A T.: J6, Mortimer: J6, Rooten: J7, Trenité: J17, Upward: J17.

Spelling reform: See Newsletters, - 2100 Rondthaler: J27, - arguments Rye: J27, - strategies Kimball: J23, - ultimate state Fletcher: J31, - always mixes Shaeffer: J31.

- in other languages Languages See individual languages. See Newsletters,

- schemes See Newsletters, Personal Views, Pamflets.

- schemes, comparison Blain: J32.

SR1 See Australia.

Standards for spelling Ives: J13, J14, J15, J16.

- Spelling standards of undergraduates Lamb: J24.

- Spelling standards of 16-year-olds Chew: J25.

Switzerland, loss of ß Upward: J22.

Stenography Thomas: J16.

Stylgides as vehicles for spelling reform Upward: J21.