Pamflets of The Spelling Society.

SSS pamflets 1-7 had, inside the frunt cuvver, progressivly longer versions of Some Opinions, sumtimes in traditional spelling and sumtimes in New Spelling (Nue Speling or NS).
The Alfabetikal List of dhe Nue Speling was included in Pamflets 6, 7 to ade in the use of NS.
Pamflets 2,3,4,5,6 wer ritten in Nue Speling.
Pamflet 8 was ritten in Nue Speling and the reprint in Traditional Orthografy.
Pamflet 3 was reprinted, with comments and pictures, in J27 2000/1.
SSS Officers and Committee members 1908-1971 from minutes, pyoneers, pamflets.

(date of first publication in brackets)
2009 Halladay, T, Heroes of Spelling Reform, 2009. (pdf)
2009 Halladay, T, Spelling Quiz, 2009, a pamflet following on from the Survey conducted by the Spelling Society. (pdf)
1997No.15. Upward, C, Regularity and Irregularity in English Spelling, 1997, ii + 19pp, ISBN 0-9506391-6-8.
1995No.14. Deodhekar, G N, The Lojikon System of Simplified English Spelling by the LOJIKal use of KONsonants - simplifying the learning of English for the non-English-speaking world, 1995, 8pp, ISBN 0-9506391-4-1.
1998No.13. Brown, A R (Bob), Spelling Reform in Context - a typology, list & bibliography of English spelling reforms, 3rd ed. Oct. 1998, 24pp (2nd ed. 1992, 20pp, 1st ed. 1991, 18pp), ISBN 0-9506391-7-6.
1991No.12. Fennelly L, New Spelling 90, 1991, 33pp.
1971No.11. Harrison M, A Short Account of Simplified Spelling and The Simplified Spelling Society, 1971, 10pp.
1960No.10. Reed W J, Spelling Reform and our Schools, 1960, 16pp.
194?No.9. Harrison M, The Use of Simplified Spelling in Teaching Infants to Read and Write, Incorporating the Results of an Enquiry into the Teaching of English in Welsh Schools (date unknown), 6pp.
1961Nr.8. Jones D, Dhe Fonetik Aspekt ov Speling Reform (1944), 6pp;
2nd ed. 1961 entitled The Phonetic Aspect of Spelling Reform, 8pp.
1924No.7. The Best Method of Teaching Children to Read and Write - Reports of Experiments Conducted in Sixteen Schools, 1942 (1924), 19pp.
1911Nr.6. Dhe Proez and Konz of Rashonal Speling, 1942 (reprint of 1911 interview with Archer, W), 9pp.
1914Nr.5. A Breef History ov Inglish Speling, 1942 (1914), 8pp.
1909Nr.4. Archer W, Dhe Eesthetik Arguement, 1941 (1909), 20pp.
1908Nr.3. Archer W, Dhe Etimolojikal Arguement, 1941 (1908), 16pp.
1908 Nr.2. Archer W, I hav lurnt to spel, 1941 (1908), 4pp.
1908Nr.1. Skeat W W, On the History of Spelling, 1941 (1908), 8pp.

1946  Harrison, M, A Teachers' Manual to accompany the S.S.S. Series of Readers and Story Books for Infants, 1946, 14pp.
1946?  Harrison, M, Dhe Litl Red Hen (an infant reeder in Nue Speling), (no date, 1946?), 36pp.
Other titles in same series: Readers Dhe Raelwae Enjin, Mie Bizy Dae;
Story Books Sinderela, Dhe Three Baers, Dhe Enchaanted Hors, Sindbad dhe Saelor, Dhe Sleeping Buety, Ueliseez and Sursee, Sorab and Rustum.
1944?  Shaekspeer's Hamlet A Vurshon in Nue Spelling, bie P. A. D. MacCarthy. 123pp.
1944?  Dhe Star. Bie H. G. Wells. Edishon in Nue Spelling. 21pp.
1944  Views on Spelling Reform (essays by Ripman W, Hunter Sir M, Harrison M, Welldon Bishop, Abraham B W, Cox H, Dewey G, Hunter, Sir G), 1944, 30pp.
1942  ed. Macan R W, Braeking dhe Spel, 1942, 60pp. First edition 1912, extract from second edition 1917, Braiking the Spel.
Link to 1942 edition, pdf file, 187kb: braeking.pdf
1942  Ripman W, How to teach the New Spelling 1942, 16pp.
1940  A Short Account of New Spelling, 1940, 8pp.
1936?  A Specimen of the New Spelling - a revue of sum objekshonz to a chaenj in dhe oeld or prezent speling, c.1936, 8pp. This leaflet was Chapter 7 of the 1940 New Spelling and Chapter 9 of the 1948 edition.
1933?  The Case for the Improvement of Spelling - correspondence with the President of the Board of Education, c.1933, 32pp.
The appendix has the names of hundreds of academics, MPs, publishers, educational organizations, Bishops and Chambers of Trade/Commerce, who supported the Memorial.
Link to pdf file, 187 KB: board.pdf
See also: Spelling and Parliament, Spelling Progress Bulletin Winter 1975.
1930  Simplified English Spelling, (essays by Ripman W, Hunter Sir M, Zachrisson R E, Welldon Bishop, Cox H, Dewey G, Hunter Sir G B), 1930, 32pp.

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