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You can do any of the following

  • E-mail a friend telling them about the movement to simplify spelling.
  • E-mail an adult telling them about the movement to simplify spelling. (They'll probably argue with the idea and you may want to be armed with a page of facts to send him/her).
  • fact page
  • Join new words to the list of spellings that need simplifying.  Send your suggestions for how the following words should be spelled to the Simplified Spelling Society.
  • difficult words
  • Add your pet hate words to this list and e-mail it to a friend to add their pet hate words, and so on.  When those friends-of-friends-of-friends reach 500 words, they email it to the Simplified Spelling society.
  • Grow the Pet Hate Word List
  • Add your name and email to the list of people who support the simplification of English spelling. You can become an associate member for free.
  • Simplified Spelling Society website
  • Email or write to our Prime Minister or the Education Minister.
  • Click here
  • Email the American president (250 million Americans in the same boat as us).
  • Click here
  • Email Bill Gates (he owns Microsoft which produces all the spell checks we use in Windows software).
  • Click here and scroll down this link to 'How to Contact'
  • Ask a parent of yours to write to a newspaper or the Education Minister (Ruth Kelly) or your local MP with the facts to ask for spelling reform.
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