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Here are 2 lists of words people often misspell

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Words most commonly misspelled by children in Year 8 and under

  again dropped looked their
  all right every many then
  always February money there
  an first morning they
  and for mother they're
  animals friend name things
  another friends named thought
  around frightened off threw
  asked from once through
  babies getting our to
  beautiful going people together
  because happening pretty too
  before hear received tried
  believe heard running two
  bought here said until
  came him school very
  caught interesting some wanted
  children its something went
  clothes it's sometimes were
  coming jumped started when
  course knew stopped where
  cousin know surprise with
  decided let's swimming woman
  didn't like than would
  different little that's you're

Easily confused words because they are said the same
(many are only a problem later in life as they aren't in a younger child's vocabulary)

  aid/aide coarse/course knead/need role/roll
  air/heir colonel/kernel knight/night road/rode/rowed
  allowed/aloud complement/compliment knot/not root/route
  altar/alter core/corps know/no rose/rows
  arc/ark council/counsel lead/led sail/sale
  ascent/assent creak/creek leased/least scene/seen
  assistance/assistants crews/cruise lessen/lesson sea/see
  ate/eight currant/current lie/lye seam/seem
  bail/bale cymbal/symbol load/lode scent/sent
  ball/bawl days/daze loan/lone serf/surf
  band/banned dear/deer made/maid shone/shown
  bare/bear die/dye mail/male side/sighed
  base/bass doe/dough maize/maze sight/site
  be/bee dual/duel mall/maul slay/sleigh
  beach/beech earn/urn manner/manor soar/sore
  beat/beet faint/feint meat/meet sole/soul
  berry/bury fair/fare might/mite some/sum
  berth/birth feat/feet miner/minor son/sun
  billed/build find/fined missed/mist stair/stare
  bite/byte fir/fur muscle/mussel stake/steak
  blew/blue flair/flare naval/navel stationary/stationery
  boar/bore flea/flee none/nun steal/steel
  board/bored flour/flower one/won straight/strait
  boarder/border forth/fourth oar/or/ore suite/sweet
  bolder/boulder foul/fowl pail/pale tail/tale
  born/borne grate/great pain/pane tea/tee
  bough/bow groan/grown passed/past tear/tier
  boy/buoy guessed/guest pause/paws theirs/there's
  brake/break hail/hale peace/piece threw/through
  bread/bred hair/hare peak/peek throne/thrown
  bridal/bridle hall/haul peal/peel tide/tied
  buy/by/bye hangar/hanger pedal/peddle to/too/two
  canvas/canvass hear/here peer/pier toe/tow
  capital/capitol heard/herd plain/plane vain/vane/vein
  carat/carrot hi/high pole/poll wade/weighed
  cast/caste higher/hire pore/pour ware/wear/where
  caught/cot him/hymn pray/prey wail/whale
  cede/seed hoard/horde presence/presents waist/waste
  ceiling/seating hoarse/horse principal/principle wait/weight
  cell/sell hole/whole profit/prophet waive/wave
  cellar/seller hour/our rain/reign/rein way/weigh
  cereal/serial idle/idol raise/rays weak/week
  cheap/cheep in/inn rap/wrap weather/whether
  chews/choose intense/intents read/red weave/we've
  Chile/chilly flew/flu/flue read/reed we'd/weed
  choral/coral for/four real/reel which/witch
  chute/shoot its/it's right/write/rite who's/whose
  close/clothes jam/jamb ring/wring wood/would
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