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Media release: January 2004.

Name spells a change.

The New Zealand section of a group advocating spelling change has adopted a new name.

The Simplified Spelling Society here is to be called Spell4Literacy.

Allan Campbell, the society's New Zealand spokesman, announced the change.

He said the society was often seen to be advocating spelling change for its own sake, but there was more to its campaign than that.

International literacy surveys showed that the complexity of English spelling was a major cause of the large gap between children who mastered reading and writing and those who did not, he said.

Updating spelling would help in raising literacy levels.

He said the society needed to draw attention to this, and the new name was designed to do this.

Spell4Literacy is asking the parliamentary Select Committee on Education and Science to look at the connection between the English spelling system and literacy standards, with a view to initiating international action to update spelling in order to improve literacy standards.

¶ In the meantime, the new name will apply only to the New Zealand section of the society, which is based in England. The website remains at www.spellingsociety.org

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