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Jackson, Robert. See Pamflet 7.

- SS Experiments in Scotland.

Jolly, Chris. See Book, Journals, Media, Bulletins. Web links.

- Society news: Proposed policy statement. News1.

- Chairman's message: Introduction. News3.

- Working Party Report: Choose your own spelling reform. News3.

- Chairman's message: Member comments on Working party report. News5.

- Article: Talking with journalists from publishing houses. SS14.

- Tribute: Chris Jolly pays tribute to key member: Chris Upward SS15.

- Article: A word from the Chair. What is the role of the Society? SS16.

- Article: Resignation after 20 years as chair. SS17.

- Letter: Reflections of the outgoing Chairman. What has changed. SS17.

Jones, Frank. Letter: Can we seriously call this education? SS6.

- Letter: Disaffected at early age. SS7.

- Letter: K-a-t DOES spell cat! SS8.