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Upward, Chris. See Journals, Leaflets, Media, Pamflet, Book, Papers.

- Section Three: Th Shrtr th Sweetr? News5.

- Section II. Py in the sky or pi yn the ski? News6.

- Editorial. Letter from new editor. News8.

- Editorial: Spelling reform round the world. News8.

- Article: Androcles and the Lion, Shaw Alphabet edition. N1.

- Article: A role for dictionaries in spelling-reform: a French example. N1.

- Correspondence: Open Letter to the DES. N1.

- Correspondence: Reply from DES to Open Letter from SSS. N2.

- Notice: Publications available to members. N2.

- Article: Progress Report on Cut Spelng. N2.

- Article: Founding Fathers. N9.

- Article: Orthographic Ownrship. N10.

- Article: Society to Redefine Aim, Objectives. SS1.

- Short item: Bizarre request. SS4.