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Weatherall, Stanley. Article: The inevitability of phonetic spelling. N9.

Weisling, Raymond. Letter: Time on spelling tedium 'amazing'. SS8.

Wells, John. See Journals, Media, Web links.

- Letter: New Spelling 90. N2.

Whitebrook, Peter. Article: Excerpts: William Archer - a biography. N7.

Wilkinson, Jean. One Member: We try to laf, but it hurts the students. SS3.

- One Member: 'February'. SS3.

- JW writes: If U could spell Wednesday any way U liked ... SS4.

- JW writes: We can help them now! SS5.

- JW writes: Presenting H. SS6.

- JW writes: Why wrestle with wrestle? SS7.

- JW writes: 'Daddy, how do you spell air? SS8.

- This 'n' that: Parents lodge lawsuit over basic skills exams. SS9.

- JW writes: ...and as for PH ... SS9.

- JW writes: The undercover agent Uh. SS10.

- JW writes: Of ladders and confusion. SS11.

- JW writes: Watch your tongue. SS12.

- JW writes: Litl madnesses. SS13.

- This 'n' that: Settled out of court. SS14.

- Letter: Comics at the leading edge? SS14.

- JW writes: Who stole the 'r' in colonel? SS14.

- JW writes: Dear President Bush. SS15.

- JW writes: Voices from Oregon. SS16.

- JW writes: D: Icon to a Teutonic god. The story of Wednesday. SS17.

Wilson, Jesse. Letter: New Spelling 90. N2.