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A Magazine for Parents & Teachers

Published by the Simplified Spelling Society
Vol. 1 No. 1. April 1976. Price 70p [29pp. A5]

[The A5 beige cover has a very dark picture of three witches at a table, with the word "Spelling" behind them, and entitled "Witch's Brew".]


(Patron: H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., K.T.)

George O'Halloran.

Prof. J. Downing, University of Victoria, Canada.
Prof. D. Abercrombie, University of Edinburgh, G.B.
Prof. Emmett A. Betts, University of Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
Prof John E. Merritt, The Open University, G.B.


Miss Mona Cross, Northants, England.

SUBSCRIPTION: Two issues per year
Free of charge and post free to members of the Simplified Spelling Society.
Non-Members: £1.40 ($2.50) post free per annum
Single copies: 70p ($1.25) post free.

Opinions expressed by authors in their articles are entirely their own. The Editor, the Members of the Editorial Advisory Board and the Simplified Spelling Society do not take any responsibility for such opinions.

Reasonable quotation may be made from articles in this journal provided that adequate acknowledgement is made to the author and to Reading & Spelling.


I hope members will welcome the appearance of READING & SPELLING, and will do all they can to help us to get orders for the magazine - especially standing permanent orders from libraries and institutions. When we reach a circulation of about 300 it should be economic for us to go over to type-set print with all the possibilities that this will open up for the magazine.

READING & SPELLING will appear alternately with NEWS SHEET. The most appropriate dates for NEWS SHEET seem to be December/January (to report the A.G.M.) and May/June (to provide information, etc. for the approaching new A.G.M.). This should also help us to economise a little on postage. This would make it convenient for READING & SPELLING to appear in March/April (Spring issue) and August/September (Autumn issue) in time for the Society's Conference.

NEWS SHEET is the confidential internal journal of the Society devoted mainly (but not necessarily exclusively) to the domestic affairs of the Society. READING & SPELLING will contain only articles of a serious nature connected with some aspect of spelling reform. It will be offered to the public as well as to members of the Society. This will start with the Autumn issue this year.

I had hoped to be able to offer free copies of this edition to colleges, libraries, etc. as an inducement for permanent subscriptions but have decided instead to submit the first number to the judgement of members who will surely be able to help us by their advice as they have so often done before. If you have any ideas which you feel might improve READING & SPELLING in any way: format, layout, content or in any other way, please tell us about them as soon as you can.

We need articles of about 2,000 words in length and shorter items having a bearing on spelling reform for our Autumn number. We will be glad to publish original (in both senses of the word) items but please send them in soon. We need also drawings, pictures, designs for our cover in future and will welcome these also.

We will have a competition as a regular feature. We would appreciate suggestions for future competitions. These suggestions ought to have a connection with spelling reform.

Letters to the Editor will be welcome and, we hope, will arrive in sufficient numbers to appear regularly. Please type letters in single spacing on A5 size paper in black.

Questions for our Question and Answer page should also be typed in black on A5 size paper.

We hope also to include book reviews. We will welcome offers from members to write reviews - and also new books from publishers for review.

Our present Editorial Advisory Board is small in numbers but we hope to increase its strength in future. I have already written to several distinguished scholars and hope that they may honour the Society by agreeing to allow us to call on them also for advice in their own specialisations in the near future.

This is a crucial time for READING & SPELLING. Please do all you can to get us off to a good start.


The Editor of READING & SPELLING is always prepared to consider for publication articles of a serious nature related to some aspect of simplified spelling. The most favoured length for such articles is up to about 2,000 words (i.e. 5 pages of this journal). Longer articles of an exceptional nature will also be considered but it may be necessary to spread them, if accepted, over more than one issue. Articles of the right kind will be accepted from any source - not necessarily from members of the Society only. Articles will be reproduced by photography directly from contributors' typed scripts. Such scripts should therefore conform to the following layout details:-

Proposed items should be carefully typed on A5 size (8¼ x 5⅞") paper - the same size as these pages. A margin of about half an inch should be allowed on all edges. The typed area will therefore be about 7¼ x 4⅞". The type size should not be larger than pica nor smaller than elite.

The first page of the article should have the title on top in capital letters.
The author's name should be two spaces underneath in normal typescript.
The first line of the article should be three spaces underneath the author's name.
The whole article should be in single spacing - no double spacing between paragraphs.
Articles should be typed on one side only of opaque paper.
Underlining may be used conventionally instead of italics.
References should be indicated by a number in brackets: thus (6) in the text and gathered in serial order at the end of the text. It is hoped they will be brief.
It will be possible to reproduce, in black only, pictures, diagrams, non-Roman scripts, etc. which are submitted in black only.

No payment can be made for articles submitted but the editor will provide the author, when requested in advance, with twelve free copies of the issue in which his article appears. This applies only to articles and not to letters and smaller items.

Unsuitable articles will be returned to their authors with a short explanation of why they were not accepted and, if it applies, suggestions for rewriting.

Where the editor is in any doubt about an article he may sent it to a suitable member of the Editorial Advisory Board for advice, after he has conferred with the author.

READING & SPELLING will accept advertisements for which a charge of £6.00 per full page and £3.00 per half page will be made. It may also accept as advertisements only, descriptions of new alphabets, reformed scripts and similar matter. The charge for this service will be as little as £5.00 per page.

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