This page, part of the Publications section, gives details of the various Leaflets that have been issued by the Society

Heroes of Spelling Reform

By Theo Halladay. (2008) and a page of Supporters of Spelling Reform, source unknown. Theodore Roosevelt, G.B Shaw, Benjamin Franklin, Noah Webster, G;eorge Orwell, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Andrew Carnegie, Mark Twain, Ronald Reagan, . The third page repeats some names and adds Charles Darwin, Lord Tennyson, Richard Feynman and Isaac Asimov.

Spelling Quiz

by Theo Halladay. (2008)

Why English Spelling Should be Updated

by Masha Bell (2005). This leaflet is a summary of the 2001 pamphlet with the same name.

Modernizing English Spelling: Principles & Practicalities

by Chris Upward. (2000)

This was published as a 2 page landscape leaflet, folded into 3.

Introducing the Simplified Spelling Society

1998 leaflet by Chris Upward. This was published 2-sided, landscape, folded in 3, including a tear-off membership form.

Introducing Cut Spelling

by Chris Upward. (1998 & 1992 versions & 1996 handbook flyer).

The flyer was published in portrait view, but is in landscape here to fit with the introductory leaflets.

1997 Aim, Objectives and 6 Axioms

by Chris Upward. This was published 2-sided landscape to be cut in three columns.

Introducing New Spelling 90

by Laurence Fennelly. (1992)

This is a revision of Nue Speling, which the Society favored for many years.

Tough, Though, Thought

by Stanley Gibbs {c.1986)

Introduction of the 5 rules of Spelling Reform, as a first stage, by Harry Lindgren.

The Advantages of Rational Spelling

1. The Saving of Time (1913 & 1941)

2. The Teaching would be Rational (1913 & 1941)

3. The Gain to the Teaching of our Language and Literature (1913 & 1941)

4. English as the Language of Universal Intercourse (1913 & 1941)

The first issue was in T.O., the second in Nue Speling. They are shown here side by side.