These Newsletters were edited and written by members of the Society on the general subject of spelling reform and on Society matters. There may be others, of which we do not have copies.


The first item is the SSS inaugural minutes. 10 September 1908.


There are links from the Contents, Contributors and Topics files to the beginning of each relevant newsletter. We cannot put links to the individual item within the newsletters, so please refer to the Contents list in each newsletter..



Newsletter Indexes: Contents, Contributors, Topics
1908 Inaugural Minutes and Pyoneers 1917, 1918.
News sheets 1975-1976. NS4-7 & Magazine. Editor: George O'Halloran.
News 1982-1985. News 1-8. Editor: Mona Cross.
Newsletters (Journals) 1985, 1986. Editor: Chris Upward.
Newsletters 1991. N1, N2. Editor: Chris Upward.
Newsletters 1992-1996. N3-10. Editor: A R [Bob] Brown.
Simpl Speling. 1996-2002. SS1-SS17. Editor Allan Campbell.