Personal Views of Members of the English Spelling Society.

The alternative schemes included here show a range of carefully constructed possible ways of regularizing English spelling.

Schemes using non-standard keyboard characters are not available as web documents.

An overview of several schemes is shown by their transcription of The Star by HG Wells.

Several of these PVs state an earlier version of the TESS Aims and Objectives.

Please note that the Society does not currently endorse any specific alternatives to traditional spelling. The schemes set out below do not therefore bear the Society’s endorsement. Personal View is designed primarily to provide a forum for authors of alternative schemes to submit their contributions to peer review and to comment from the general public.


Criteria for Submission of Personal View items for publication by the Society.

The Star

This shows a standard text as transcribed by various Schemes.

1. Bob Brown (1992)

Literacy & the way we spell English, 8pp

2. Paul Fletcher (1992)

Yurospel. 12pp

3. Sinclair Eustace (3rd edition, 1992)

SIST3M 2, 12 pp.

4. Anthony Burns (1997)

An Alfabet for de Milenyem! 12pp

5. Ken Goodwin (1997)

Yurabet, 12 pp.

6. George Lahey (1998)

Inglish, the nou ABC's, 12 pp.

7. Steve Bett (1998)

Nu Folik Fo'netik: An Alfabet for English, 12 pp.

8. Edward Rondthaler (1999)

Soundspel, 12pp.

9. Katherine Greenland (1999)

 R.O.S.E Reformed Orthography of Standard English Mark II 12pp. (The text is not currently available on this website.)

10. Valerie Yule (1999)

Spelling Beyond 2000. 13pp

11. Ze do Rock (1999)

Start with Cut Spelling, End with Zinglish, 12 pp.

12. Russ Stygall (1999)

 Singlish, 12 pp.

13. Masha Bell (2001)

Types and magnitude of English spelling problems and their significance for reform. 21pp

14. Roy Blain (2002)

Sayspel (PDF), 16pp. 

15. Stephen Linstead (2008)

Regspel.  12pp

16. Valerie Yule (2011)

Spelling Rules on One Page. 13pp.

17. Rollo Reid (2010)

Lojikl Inglish. 12pp

18. Allan Kiisk (2012)

Simpel-Fonetik. 12pp

19. Paul Fletcher

Gloebulspel 11 pp

20. Gregory H. Bontrager

Restored Latinate Spelling 12pp

21. Bob Cleckler

Nu English 12pp

22. Philip Johnson-Smith

Poliyglot's Staendardspel 12.pp

23. Stephen Linstead

Traditional Spelling Revised 12pp

24. Paul Stought

Mentur 12pp


25. Philip Johnson-Smith, Martin Botero and Gregory Bontrager

Modified Poliyglot's Staendardspel (M-PSS) 11 pp

IESC 1 - Paul Stought


IESC 2 - Christian Siefkes


IESC 2a -Christian Siefkes

Lytspel (Revised)

IESC 3 - Mario Rodriguez Pena

Normalyzed Inglish

IESC 4 - Richard Kilner


IESC 4a - Richard Kilner

RichSpel-Short (revised)

IESC 5 - Richard Kilner

RichSpel - Long

IESC 6 - Stephen Linstead

Traditional Spelling Revised (TSR)

IESC 7 - Mark Petersen et al.


IESC 8 - Bill Dommett


IESC 9 - J D Garcia


IESC 9a - J D Garcia

Readscript (Revised)

IESC 10 - Dr David C Walters

'Queens' English
Based on a playing card metaphore

IESC 11 - Masha Bell

Reducing just the worst irregularities

IESC 12 - Marvin Beachy

Kurrent Spelling